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Egress Windows

Egress Windows

Egress Windows

We provide a complete Turnkey Egress window installation. We take pride in providing an efficient total egress solution for our customer. We strictly follow all code requirements and takes extra steps to ensure the best long-term results, including:
·         We chainsaw all corners to prevent overcuts.
·         We attach a vertical drain to the existing perimeter drain system. If there is not a perimeter system we recommend installation of a sump pump.
·         We stand behind all of our work and our window installer’s work.
·         We backfill with 3-4 tons of gravel and finish with topsoil. This extra step provides the best drainage possible.

Most Egress Installations Take 2 Days to Complete

Day 1

·         Excavation
·         Dirt removal
·         Foundation Wall Sawing
·         Removal

Day 2

·         Adapting the drainage system
·         Window & well installation
·         Backfilling
We have Egress Window services available in our Kansas CityIowa and Nashville locations.
An Egress Window is required by the International Residential Code to provide a safe exit from the dwelling in case of a fire or other emergency.
Some of the requirements for an escape window to meet egress are as follows.
·         Minimum Sill Height – 44″
·         Minimum Window Opening – 5.7 sf
·         Minimum Clear Height – 24″
·         Minimum Clear Width – 20″
*Grade level windows may have a minimum opening of 5 sf.
KC Coring & Cutting has fully trained, Drug free and OSHA certified operators.


Bilco Window Well
Comes with a clear polycarbonate cover rated to withstand 300 lbs.
Interior view

Rockwell Stone Texture Window Well

Egress Preparation
Protecting your yard and landscape.