Benefits of Brokk Demolition

BROKK Demollition

If you have never heard of Brokk demolition, take a moment to view this YouTube video. There, you will see how a Brokk demolition robot is vastly superior to traditional demolition methods. If the video wasn't enough proof for you, we are happy to list the advantages of using a Brokk machine for your concrete demolition jobs.

Brokk uses remote-controlled operations.
The Brokk is a remote-controlled demolition robot. The state-of-the-art remote control system allows operators to control the unit with fantastic accuracy. And because the machine isn't hand-operated, workers have fewer safety threats, as it can be operated from a distance.

Brokk machines are compact demolition robots.
Brokk machines help keep the workplace safe, but they are also compact enough to fit into areas where a regular excavator cannot. The smaller Brokk models can even be used on scaffolding. Despite its small size, the Brokk is powerful enough to dig, break, crush, and remove large areas of concrete. Its small size also makes it easier to move in compact spaces. It can rotate 360 degrees, fit into elevators, or climb stairs. Its front and rear outriggers make it stable even on uneven terrain.

Brokk machines are powered by electricity.
Brokk machines use a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail, which can reach up to 300 feet. If electricity is not available at the job site, it can be run by mobile generators. One benefit of Brokk machines running off electricity is that they are emissions-free, which means they can be used indoors in enclosed spaces. Such machinery is also suitable to use in areas where fumes cannot be present.

Brokk machines work with minimal vibration.
If you need to complete a demolition project in a tight space within a building or structure, Brokk machines should be utilized. Because they work with minimal vibration, there is a reduced risk of damage to the surrounding structure. However, they are still extremely powerful. Also, Brokk machines work at higher speeds than many other equivalent machinery.

Brokk machines are environmentally friendly.
Because there are no harmful fumes produced from a Brokk machine and minimal vibration levels or noise, Brokk machines are environmentally friendly.  

Brokk demolition robots are highly versatile.
Whether your job requires crunching concrete, planing walls and floors, trenching, or excavating, Brokk machines could be the right tool. Additionally, they come with a wide range of attachments, including hydraulic jaws, loading buckets, percussive breakers, and concrete milling heads.

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