Benefits of Using a Wire Saw for Your Concrete Cutting Job

Wire Sawing

There are a lot of benefits of using a wire saw for a large concrete cutting job. But before we list those benefits, we would like to describe what a wire saw is and describe when one is typically used. Also, we will give you some guidance on how to find the best concrete cutting company near you.

What is a wire saw?

The aptly named wire saw cuts with a metal wire or cable. The wire itself may be referred to as a blade, and its blade means serious business. Wires used in wire saws can have single or multiple strands braided together into a cable. In addition, a single-strand saw often has diamond beads to give it extra cutting power.  

Hydraulic motors pull the blade of a wire saw through a system of guide wheels (or guided pulleys). This allows the wire (or blade) to move back and forth continuously. The wire is often lubricated with water or oil.    To gain a clearer understanding of a wire saw, look at these images of the saw and wire-saw cutting projects

What are the benefits of using a wire saw?

There are loads of benefits of using this flexible piece of equipment to cut large slabs of concrete.  

Wire saws cut through almost any type of material.
Wire saws cut through reinforced concrete, hard metals, solid steel, and rock.
  Wire saws make flexible cuts.
Wire saws cut vertically, horizontally, or at any angle. This is the right piece of equipment to use when making precise, accurate cuts.
Wire saws can be used to make cuts of any depth.
It can even be used on bridge sections, piers, and other structures too large or unwieldy for traditional saw cutting.
  Wire saws work quickly.
This efficient piece of equipment makes quick work out of big jobs.
  Wire saws can be used underwater.
It’s also suitable for use in confined spaces and makes cuts that are hard to reach with a traditional saw. 
  Concrete wire saws make clean cuts without damaging surrounding materials.
It’s perfect for nuclear plants, bridges, beams, piers, and other vibration or shock-sensitive areas.
  Wire saws can be used with low noise output or air pollution.
It’s an environmentally-friendly solution to concrete cutting and removal.  
In short, concrete wire sawing is fast, efficient, accurate, and economical. 

When is a concrete wire saw used?

A concrete wire saw is used for 

  • Large slabs of reinforced concrete

  • Demolition projects

  • Cutting bridges, dams, columns, or beams

  • Making angular cuts and circular openings 

  • Performing cuts in restricted, confined, and hard-to-reach areas

  • Making cuts in sensitive areas

  • Making underwater cuts

Who does concrete wire cutting in Kansas City?

For concrete wire cutting in Kansas City, contact the concrete cutting experts – KC Coring and Cutting. Our leadership and crew have years of experience in the industry, and we complete both small and large jobs.

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