concrete core drill Kansas City

Introduction to KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc.

At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., we are revered as Kansas City’s leading concrete slab sawing and core drilling company. With an impressive tenure of over 43 years, our expertise and dedication have positioned us at the forefront of the construction industry, particularly in the realms of concrete cutting and coring. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver on mark, on money, and on time services that cater comprehensively to your needs.

Our Specialized Services

Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting

Our spectrum of services is wide-ranging and designed to address every possible requirement in concrete cutting and core drilling. We leverage the most advanced techniques, including diamond drilling, to ensure precision in every project. Our repertoire encompasses core drilling, flat/slab sawing, wall sawing, and much more, employing industrial tools tailored for optimal results.

Professional Drilling Services

The heart of our service offering is our professional drilling services. Our expertise allows us to perform highly effective concrete core drilling, essential for creating openings for an array of systems. The precision tools and machines at our disposal, including concrete drilling machines equipped with diamond blades, facilitate impeccable execution of projects, from core samples to masonry work.

The Equipment We Utilize

Our inventory boasts the latest in industrial tools and concrete drilling machines. We believe in employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. Whether it’s employing diamond drilling techniques or utilizing track-mounted wall saws, our tools are pivotal in delivering quality service.

Why Choose Us

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Quality work, precision, and safety are the pillars of our operational ethos. Our team comprises experienced professionals who are not only adept in handling complex construction tasks but are also committed to adhering to the highest safety standards. Our extensive use of ground penetrating radar, shot blasting, and other advancements exemplify our dedication to both quality and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

Our legacy is built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Testimonials from our clients reflect their appreciation for our punctuality, dedication, and an old-time customer service approach. No project is too small or large for us, whether it involves drilling a hole in a boulder for a water feature or cutting through an old foundation wall.

The Importance of Infrastructure and Building Materials

At the core of our services is the understanding of the significance of infrastructure and the quality of building materials. Our work not only facilitates the development and maintenance of infrastructure but also ensures that demolition, when necessary, is conducted with the utmost precision. The materials we engage with, particularly concrete, demand exacting standards of workmanship, which we are proud to provide.

Our Contribution to the Construction Industry

Our comprehensive range of services, from concrete cutting to diamond drilling, positions us as a valuable partner in the construction industry. By offering reliable drilling services and utilizing the finest concrete drilling machines and building materials, we contribute significantly to the construction landscape in Kansas City and beyond. Our approach ensures that whether it’s for new construction, renovation, or demolition projects, KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc. stands ready to exceed expectations.


In conclusion, KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc. represents the epitome of excellence in concrete slab sawing and core drilling in Kansas City. With our extensive experience, comprehensive service range, and unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we are equipped to handle your construction needs. We invite you to experience the difference with KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., where precision meets professionalism.

concrete core drill Kansas City

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