Concrete Coring vs. Concrete Cutting: Understanding the Differences and When to Use Each

As the name implies, concrete coring is the process of drilling holes through concrete walls or floors for a specific purpose. And concrete cutting is the sawing of concrete. However, if you need to complete any project with concrete – it’s best to talk with concrete experts to discover which process suits your job.

  Here are the differences between concrete coring and concrete cutting – and when each process is typically used.

Concrete Core Drilling

Core drilling is the process of creating perfectly round holes in concrete floors or walls for residential, industrial, public works, and commercial projects. The holes may be needed for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. For example, concrete core drilling might be necessary for adding a floor drain, drilling maintenance holes, and adding lines for a computer system.   Concrete core drilling can be done to any depth, and the width can range from a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. An experienced professional can promise precise cuts. Concrete core drilling can even be performed under water.   While this article has focused on concrete, it’s important to know that core drilling equipment can work on rocks, porcelain tile, granite, fiberglass, and other hard surfaces. Diamond drill bits can cut through practically anything.

Concrete Cutting

There are several pieces of equipment that could be used for wall sawing or flat sawing. For example, large diesel walk-behind saws can cut through large slabs of concrete or other hard materials. Or hydraulic-powered push-style flat saws can be used for small indoor spaces. An experienced concrete cutting company will be able to determine whether your project requires the use of a hand saw or a chain saw – or a large walk-behind saw.  

There are many reasons why wall or flat sawing may be required. For example, it might be used in the construction process to cut holes for doors and windows. In addition, cutting may be necessary when adding to a residence or commercial building. And, of course, concrete sawing is sometimes a neater alternative to jackhammering during the demolition process.

Choose the Right Company for Your Concrete Coring or Cutting Project

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