Concrete Wire Sawing Benefits

Wire Sawing

We offer many different concrete cutting services at KC Coring and Cutting because each situation requires a different technique or piece of equipment. For example, some of our saws are powered by gas or diesel, while others are electric or hydraulic. In addition, some cuts need to be made in areas where the surrounding space can’t be damaged, and other cuts need to be completed underwater.

  Regardless of the type of job, KC Coring and Cutting has the right pieces of equipment for your job and the best technicians to get it done.

  One of the services we offer is concrete wire sawing. Wire saws have braided wire cables that are embedded with diamonds. Our technicians use the wire saw’s pulley system to guide the cables. Once the wire cable is securely wrapped around the object, the pulley pulls the wire across the material and begins cutting. Water keeps the wire lubricated and the system from overheating from extreme friction.

  Wire saws provide an efficient way to make openings in thick concrete walls where traditional saws wouldn’t work. It can also be used to remove large portions of concrete, cut cross-sections, and cut complex objects, such as concrete, stone, steel, or heavily reinforced concrete.

  Wire saws can make clean cuts without damaging the surrounding materials. Our concrete wire saws can be used in tight areas, and they can cut to almost any depth. Wire saws are used when the concrete structure has an irregular shape or is hard to reach.

  The versatility of our wire saws makes them excellent tools for challenging projects. They can be used when working on piers, beams, bridges, towers, dams, and even nuclear plants and other areas that are sensitive to vibration. They can cut through steel nuclear reactors or metal engine blocks.

  As you can tell, there are many reasons that we might choose to use a concrete wire saw for your project. Here are some other benefits that come with using this type of concrete cutting system.

  Wire saws make deep, precise cuts. Our concrete wire saws have an almost unlimited depth for concrete cutting. The cables in our wire saws are guided through pre-cut drill coles, which means that the cuts will be at the right size and location.

  Wire saws aren’t manually operated. We encourage you to watch a video of a concrete wire saw at work. You may not even see an operator standing near the site. Wire saws are great options for cutting jobs that need to be done in hard-to-reach places. They even work underwater.   And because it doesn’t take a manual operator to use, the wire saw can work non-stop until the job is done.

  Wire saws are relatively quiet. Compared with other concrete-cutting saws, a wire saw is relatively quiet. This could be important if working on a project in a hospital or during the night.

  Wire saws leave cleaner construction areas. Wire saws use water to lubricate the wire and keep the system from overheating. An added benefit to this is that less concrete dust floats through the air during the concrete-cutting process. This leaves the construction site cleaner and reduces the amount of harmful substances floating through the air.

  Do you think a concrete wire saw is just the tool you need for your job? Contact KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015. We would be happy to take a look at your job site and give you a free estimate.

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