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Home elevation in Covington is an essential aspect of your property as it shows the features of your house, such as the front porch, entry door, and window styles. Selecting the right elevation has plenty of benefits, including enhancing the curb appeal of your home. An attractive elevation design will also increase the value of your property. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we provide premier home elevation services.

As a top construction and shoring company, we can help you modify your home elevation design according to your needs. In addition to aesthetics, our focus is on ensuring the protection and safety of your raised structure. You can be certain that our shoring contractors will take great care and pay attention to detail when elevating your home.

Types Of House Elevations

To aid you in choosing the perfect elevation, here are some of the most popular designs:


Traditional house elevation is often linked to everyday family life. Stoops, big pillars, and front porches are common with this style.


Craftsman-style houses originated from the Arts and Crafts Movement. These beautiful homes have low-pitched roofs and deep front porches with thick, tapered columns. Other characteristics of these attractive, sturdy homes are soffits with stout trim details and decorative brackets.


Contemporary elevation emphasizes natural lighting, energy efficiency, and the use of sustainable materials. The design contains bold geometry and asymmetric features that add beauty and style to your home.


A modern elevation design focuses on giving your home an elegant, simple design. Some of the key elements in modern elevation are profile cuts, cladding, simple glass railings, and different textures.


If you love unique designs, this type of elevation can be perfect for your dream home. The Roman design borrows from classical Greek architecture that involved one-a-kind domes and pillars.


The name comes from the word “cotters.” Cotters were peasant farmers in Europe who lived in these houses during the middle ages. Their small homes were made from wood or stone siding with bright exterior colors, a curved entryway, and a brick or gravel front walkway. Basically, the emphasis was and still is on natural materials. Today‚Äôs cottage design includes flowers on the entryway.


Colonial architecture dates back to the 1600s, where there were variations of the style because of the diversity of American settlers. Colonial-style houses have a centered front door with a symmetrical design on their lower and upper-level front windows. Chimneys, columns, dormers, and front stoops rather than porches are synonymous with colonial elevation. The main theme of these historic-looking houses is a formal style coupled with warmth and charm.

House Elevating Experts

Home raising is a delicate process that requires expertise to prevent compromising the structural integrity. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, it’s routine for us to lift homes and buildings. We’ve successfully raised over 5,000 homes in Louisiana alone, giving us extensive, on-the-job experience and expertise to elevate buildings safely. If you need home elevation in Covington, call us to get a quote: 504-241-4500.

Home Elevation Covington

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Home Elevation Covington

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