How to Choose the Right Concrete Cutting Company

Are you looking for a company that does concrete cutting, concrete sawing, and concrete grinding in the Kansas City area? Keep reading to learn how to select the right company for the job.

Hire a company with a lot of experience.

If you are completing a construction, demolition, or renovation project, working with a company with a lot of experience is essential. This is especially true when hiring a crew to complete concrete coring, grinding, sawing, or cutting.

Find a company with longevity in the industry – one with deep leadership who knows how to bid on a project and train and hire the best crews.

Hire a company known for quality workmanship.

This “tip” may seem obvious, but hiring a company that will complete your project is not good enough. Instead, you need to find a company known for offering quality workmanship.

Ask around. There’s one company you will hear recommended repeatedly in the KC area for completing large and small-scale projects.

Work with a company that maintains an accurate schedule.

A professional, experienced crew will finish the job on time – without taking any shortcuts that will add risk to the project.

Construction professionals depend on related companies to complete projects when promised. But, unfortunately, only some concrete-cutting companies meet deadlines.

Work with a company that understands the importance of accuracy and precision.

Precise work saves time and money – and makes the work site safer for all the on-site crews. So when making precise cuts is essential, don’t depend on amateurs.

Hire a company with an excellent safety record.

The insurance industry uses an “experience modification rate” (EMR) to figure out how much to charge each company for insurance premiums. A company’s EMR is based on the number and cost of past claims.

An EMR rate of 1.0 is considered “average.” But if a company has no accidents, that number will be less than 1.0. Since construction sites can be dangerous places, selecting a company with an excellent reputation for safety is crucial.

You Can Count on KC Coring and Cutting

KC Coring and Cutting is a highly-rated concrete cutting, grinding, and sawing company serving the Kansas City Metro area. We have an excellent reputation. Here’s why:


KC Coring and Cutting has served the KC community since 1979. So naturally, you don’t receive such longevity in the industry without maintaining an excellent reputation.


Look at our customer reviews to learn more about KC Coring and Cutting’s reputation for completing quality, precise work. We are proud of the long-term relationships that we have with many of the top-tier construction firms in the KC area.


KC Coring and Cutting has a current EMR rating of 0.78. We also have a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services. These individuals train every staff member to ensure they provide a safe environment for other crews, our clients, and our employees.

KC Coring and Cutting is Kansas City’s Most Trusted Concrete Company

Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project. We can’t wait to serve you!

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