Impossible Is Not In Our Vocabulary

Curb Cutting Have you ever been involved in a construction or renovation project and found yourself stuck because you faced an unexpected problem? Or do you know that while working on a project, you’re going to have to reach out to professionals with the skill and equipment to help you cut through concrete, stone, or rock? KC Coring and Cutting can help! No matter how complicated the situation may be, impossible is not in our vocabulary. In fact, we’ve completed so many different types of projects that your problem is nothing new to us.

KC Coring and Cutting has worked on construction, demolition, and renovation projects. We also work a lot with landscape companies, HVAC and air conditioning companies, and plumbers. Whenever these professionals find themselves in a sticky situation regarding concrete, rocks, or stones, we are there to help.

Our work takes us to all parts of Kansas City, where we assist with a wide variety of projects. Besides working on residential homes, we have also completed apartment complexes, restaurants, and hotels.

No job is too big or too small for KC Coring and Cutting. We can do anything from one core drill to one hundred core drills. If you need help, we got you!

How do you get help from KC Coring and Cutting? It’s as easy as pie. Call us at 816-523-2015 or fill out this contact form. Here’s the information our operators need from you:

Date of service
Job site address
Contact person at the job site
What kind of material we are cutting
Size/thickness of the material
Whether or not overcuts are allowed

Once we have the information regarding the project, you can leave it up to us. No job is impossible for KC Coring and Cutting.
When you hire KC Coring and Cutting for a project, you’ll receive four key promises.

1. You will receive a quality service.
We guarantee that you will receive quality service with KC Coring and Cutting. We use only top-of-the-line equipment that is well maintained. Besides using the best equipment, we also work with the best crew in Kansas City. When we send someone from our staff out to perform a job, we know that they won’t return until the project is completed to your exact specifications.

2. The project will be finished on time.
We know how important it is to maintain a schedule when working in the construction industry. That’s why we schedule our appointments with care and complete projects when we promise. We have over 40 years of experience in the concrete cutting industry, so we can bid our projects with accuracy and complete them when we say they’ll be completed.

3. Your project will be completed with precision.
There are no “redos” when cutting concrete, rocks, and stones. Our work requires precise measurements and cuts. You can rest assured that your projects will be completed with precision.

4. Safety is our number one priority.
You’ll feel comfortable knowing that our crew uses the highest safety standards while on the job. We’ll do everything in our power to keep everyone on the worksite safe while completing sometimes dangerous projects.

Do you have a project that seems impossible? Let our crew take a look. With KC Coring and Cutting, nothing is impossible!

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