KC Coring and Cutting Uses Only the BEST Equipment

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There are several reasons KC Coring and Cutting is known as the best concrete-cutting company in Kansas City. One reason we have such a good reputation is that we have dedicated employees with a ton of experience in the industry. Another reason that we do well is that KC Coring and Cutting uses only well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment.

  Using the best equipment is more important than you would think. Chefs at the finest restaurants may be knowledgeable about proper cutting techniques, but they are only successful if they work with the best knives. It’s the same for our crews. Even though our staff are experts in everything to do with concrete, they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs well if we didn’t have the best equipment.

  We invest in the best equipment for two reasons. Proper equipment allows our workers to be precise. We also know that buying the best equipment is an investment in safety for our crews and our customers.

  Top-Notch Equipment = Top-Notch Cuts In the concrete cutting business, you only get one shot to do the job right. That’s why we don’t rush into a job without studying the situation. Before we retrieve our tools from our truck, we use precision equipment that allows us to know what we will encounter when we make a cut.

  Once we have a plan, we use our state-of-the-art equipment to make exact, precise cuts, sometimes in hard-to-reach places. We know that others are depending on us to do the job right. The schedule and budget of a project often depend on it!  

KC Coring and Cutting’s concrete core drills can create a hole to any depth from a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. We have several pieces of equipment for flat/slab sawing; they are powered by gas, diesel, electric, hydraulic, or hi-cycle. We can make precise cuts in slabs up to 24 inches thick with our precision equipment. We can even make cuts underwater!  

Investment in Safety The most important reason that we invest in the best equipment on the market is that we care about the safety of our customers, staff, and other workers. We know how important it is to hire the best workers to use the best equipment because, in our industry, a lot can go wrong.  

Safety is the number one priority at KC Coring and Cutting. We know this phrase is overused, but our actions speak louder than words. Not only do we purchase the safest, most precise concrete-cutting equipment, but we also have a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services on staff. These individuals ensure that our team is properly trained on all safety protocols, and they make sure that our equipment is maintained to maintain the highest standards of safety.  

KC Coring and Cutting is the premier choice for your drilling, sawing, grinding, or shot-blasting project. When you hire our crews, you can be sure that we will show up with the best equipment available and complete the job as precisely and safely as promised.

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