What is slab sawing?

Slab Sawing It’s one thing to be able to cut through concrete. It’s another thing to make clean, precise cuts through concrete. If that is what you need, contact KC Coring and Cutting. Today we are going to tell you about one of our specialties -- slab sawing. We will explain what it is, discuss why you may need it done, and tell you why you should contact KC Coring and Cutting for the job. What is slab sawing? Slab sawing (or flat sawing) is the process of creating a nice, clean cut through concrete, asphalt, or another hard surface. It is called slab sawing because horizontal installations of concrete are often called slabs. Most slab saws are walk-behind units that utilize a diamond blade. Our staff at KC Coring and Cutting use slab slaws that are either powered by gas, diesel, electric, hydraulic, or hi-cycle engines. We can make versatile and precise cuts up to 24 inches deep with our equipment. Why would you need to hire someone to use a slab saw in Kansas City? You may need to complete a slab sawing project for a variety of reasons. Slab sawing is often completed on grade floors, which is a concrete slab installed on top of a stone base. We also use slab saws on bridge decks, structural slabs, elevated slabs, and of course, driveways. Slab saws are also used for cutting expansion and control joints on highways, roads, and driveways. We use them to create trenches for electrical or plumbing installations. We use slab saws to create openings for staircases, elevators, and HVAC ductwork. Finally, we also use the diamond blade on a slab saw to remove damaged pavement and clean and repair cracks in concrete. Slab saws are also used for demolition projects. The staff of KC Coring and Cutting has used slab saws at airports, on highways, construction sites, and on personal property. Although we have the appropriate equipment for outdoor use, we also have electric, hydraulic, and hi-cycle saws to use for indoor projects. Why should you hire KC Coring and Cutting for your slab saw project in Kansas City? The staff at KC Coring and Cutting cares about safety. We train our staff to follow the highest safety standards. We have OSHA, TWIC, and CPR certifications, and a staff nurse who makes sure we provide a safe environment for our clients and technicians. We also have a full-time Safety Director and Director or Risk Control. Additionally, we are proud to be a certified Federal Drug-Free Workplace. You know that when you hire KC Coring and Cutting, you will be working with some of the safest techs in the business. You should also contact KC Coring and Cutting because we have a proven track record of providing quality service. We have been in the concrete cutting industry for over 40 years. Finally, no job is too big or too small for KC Coring and Cutting. We want to help you complete your project. Give us a call today at 816-523-2015.

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