Residential Concrete Coring & Cutting Jobs You May Need to be Completed in 2022

Curb Sawing  

Winter is a great time to take care of indoor home improvement projects in KC. If your to-do list includes adding a bathroom or another type of addition to your home, you may need the assistance of the KC Coring and Cutting crew.


KC Coring and Cutting is the premier concrete core drilling company in Kansas City. We have been around for decades. Although we have worked on some of the most significant Kansas City construction projects, we offer affordable residential concrete cutting services.

Residential Concrete Cutting in Kansas City

Are you ready to cross some of the items off of your to-do list? Here’s how we can help.

Adding Plumbing

Are you adding a bathroom to your finished basement to increase the living space in your home? The KC Coring and Cutting crews can assist you with drilling the holes necessary for water lines, sewer lines, and floor drains. Our team has much experience working with renovation and remodeling crews.

Sump Pump Installation

Do you have bad memories of last spring when you constantly had to clean up your flooded basement? Would you like to store items on low shelves or the floor without having to worry that they are going to get damaged next time it rains?

  KC Coring and Cutting can drill the necessary holes to install a sump pump and the discharge pipe. Take care of this task this winter, so you can rest easy when the spring rains come.

Ductwork Installation

Our teams have a lot of experience working with area HVAC companies. So if you are adding space to your home or business and need new ductwork installed, give us a call.

Adding Electrical Lines

As a part of your new addition or remodeling project, you may find yourself needing to add new electrical lines to your structure. KC Cutting and Coring works closely with some of the best electricians in the area, and we can create the necessary cuts to make their job a breeze.

Handrail or Anchor Installation

You may not have considered how KC Coring and Cutting can help you with a handrail or anchor installation, but we have the tools necessary to drill holes into any concrete structure. Make your home or business safe for visitors by having us help you with a handrail or anchor installation.

And more!

Do you need a company to drill through a stone to help you create a fountain? We can do that. Do you need assistance resurfacing your ugly concrete floors? We can help you with that project too.

  You might not see a specific service you need listed on our website. However, if you need assistance with any type of concrete cutting, concrete sawing, or concrete grinding, give us a call. We have been in business for over 40 years, so chances are we have experience in any job you spring on us.

Contact KC Coring and Cutting for Help With Your Home Improvement Project

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