What Are Some Hidden Costs of Finishing a Basement?

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  As you consider adding living space to your Kansas City home by finishing your basement, you may think about the cost of adding flooring and sheetrocking the walls. You may also consider the price of the bathroom fixtures or wet bar as well as furniture and decorations.

  However, there are hidden costs of finishing a basement. Here are a few of them that you may not have included in your budget.

Support Pillars
As you consider your basement's floor plan, you would be remiss in not taking into account the placement and concealment of the support pillars. It would be best if you talked with a structural engineer to make changes to the support pillars when remodeling your basement.

If you are doing the work on your own and plan to add a guest bedroom to your basement, you need to make sure the space is up to code by adding a window egress in the bedroom.   Add the cost and installation of the egress window to your remodeling budget. Also, check to ensure there aren't other codes to be followed.

As you consider installing flooring in your basement, you might notice cracks in the cement on the walls or foundation. It would behoove you to call out a foundation expert to ensure that the cracks don't indicate significant issues. Regardless, you will need to repair the damage before continuing with your project.   Whether or not there was damage to your foundation, you may need to make sure your floors are level and walls are straight – which will cost additional time and money.

  Light Fixtures
You may or may not have considered the costs of light fixtures when you planned to finish your basement. And, of course, hiring a licensed electrician for the job will also add to the project's expense.

Cleaning and Debris
Home renovation is a messy business. You may have excess garbage and debris that will need hauling away. Additionally, you might want to pay to have your ductwork cleaned out after the project is complete.

Unfortunately, flooding is common each spring in the KC area. To keep your newly finished basement dry, you might need to add a sump pump to the space. Besides the cost of the pump, you'll need to hire an expert concrete cutting company to drill the hole for the pump.   Additionally, if you are adding bathroom fixtures or a wet bar to your basement, you will need to add the cost of installing a drain. You'll also need to hire an expert concrete cutting company for this task.

Hire KC Coring and Cutting for All Your Concrete Coring Needs
We know you might be overwhelmed by this list of hidden costs of finishing your basement. However, one thing that shouldn't cause you distress is finding a company to core through the concrete for your drains or sump pump.   KC Coring and Cutting completes large and small jobs all over the KC Metro area. We offer affordable service so that you have more money in your budget for fun things like new furniture and a big TV.

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