What is Brokk Demolition?

Although we spend most of our time informing you about concrete cutting, concrete sawing, and concrete grinding services in Kansas City, KC Coring and Cutting does much more.   Do you have a concrete surface that has seen better days? Then, call us for shot blasting in Kansas City.   Do you need someone with ground-penetrating radar equipment to help you complete a project? We do that as well.   Another service we provided is Brokk Demolition. Let’s discuss what this is and why you should hire KC Coring and Cutting for the job.

What is Brokk Demolition?

The word “Brokk” refers to a specific piece of equipment used for specialty demolition projects.

Features of Brokk Demolition

Many features make the Brokk especially useful in some workspaces.

Because the Brokk is electrically-powered, it can be used where fumes can’t be present. It can be powered by the generators on our trucks or wired at the job site with a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail from up to 300 feet away. Because it is electric powered, the Brokk is emissions-free and ideal for use in hospitals and other enclosed spaces.

Since the Brokk can be operated remotely, it can be used in hard-to-get-to areas. Because the operator doesn’t have to stand or sit on the equipment, they are free from flying debris and unsafe environments. Safety is important with KC Coring and Cutting. We have an EMR rating of .78!

The Brokk is small enough to fit into areas where a regular excavator cannot, but at the same time, it is powerful enough to complete big jobs.

The Brokk has front and rear outriggers, which means that it maintains stability in unstable situations. It can even climb stairs!

Despite its small size, the Brokk can break up large areas of concrete. It can also dig, crush and remove the debris.

All of these features make the Brokk a highly versatile piece of equipment. For example, it can fit in an elevator and rotate 360 degrees.

One doesn’t often associate demolition machinery as being accurate pieces of equipment. However, the Brokk’s remote control system is state of the art, which allows our operators to control the unit with extreme accuracy.

Why You Should Depend on KC Coring and Cutting

While we are certainly your first choice for all your concrete sawing, concrete grinding, and concrete cutting needs, we may not be the first company that you think of for Brokk demolition.   However, KC Coring and Cutting has over 20 Brokk machines ready to work. And, we have skilled operators ready to use them.   Because we have proven our worth to the KC construction and demolition communities throughout the over 40 years we’ve been in business, we should be the first company that you think of for all of your concrete-related needs. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews. We are proud of them!   To schedule a consultation with one of our concrete cutting experts, call 816-523-2015 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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