What is hand sawing?

Hand Sawing The technicians at Kansas City Coring and Cutting have many pieces of specialized equipment at their disposal. They have circular wire saws that are able to drill holes in concrete from a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. They have track-driven wall saws that use circular diamond blades to make precision cuts as deep as 24” on one side. They also have circular wire saws that are perfect to use in areas that are vibration or shock-sensitive, such as nuclear plants, bridges, and piers. But sometimes, the job requires the use of a hand saw. When performing tasks such as these, you not only need access to well-maintained equipment, but you also need specialized skills that not everyone in the industry has. KC Coring and Cutting hires the best in the concrete cutting industry. Just let us know the specs for your project, and we will send out a member of our talented staff to complete your job. Why would you need to hire someone to run a hand saw? There are many reasons. Hand saws are commonly used in difficult-to-reach places, such as inside projects in small spaces. They are also used to make flush cuts with floors, ceilings, or walls. They can be used to cut clean holes for windows, doors, and other openings. The staff at KC Coring and Cutting has also used hand saws for cutting through retaining walls, concrete roof decks, or even for demolition projects. Of course, hand saws are also used to cut through pipes or to create maintenance holes. Our hand saws can cut through concrete, hollow or filled brick, cinderblocks, stone, or asphalt. KC Coring and Cutting’s hand saws are lightweight and hydraulically powered, which allows for portability and speed. They are available for large projects. They also can come out for small jobs as well when you need to hire someone with unique skills and equipment to complete a quick task. When hiring someone for such precise and challenging work, it is essential to choose a company with an excellent safety record. That’s why you should reach out to KC Coring and Cutting. Our staff is highly skilled, but they also have been trained to adhere to the highest safety standards. Our technicians have OSHA and TWIC certifications. They also have advanced operator training for all of their equipment. Of course, Kansas City Coring and Cutting is also a Federal Drug-Free Workplace and an A+ Insurance Carrier. Besides offering a safe construction or demolition environment, KC Coring and Cutting will deliver what they promise. They work on both residential and commercial projects, and we are well-known in the industry. They have over 40 years of experience in concrete cutting and have seen it all. Contact KC Coring and Cutting today about your project. They will give you a free estimate, no matter if the task is small enough to be completed in less than an hour, or a complicated job that will take days or weeks. KC Coring and Cutting serves the entire Kansas City metro area. Call 816-523-2015.

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