Why Ground Penetrating Radar Is Important

“Concrete cutting” may conjure images of large pieces of noisy equipment hacking away at slabs of concrete in a cloud of dust and debris. While this may describe part of the concrete coring and cutting process, our large pieces of noisy equipment don’t even make it off the truck before we know what we’re cutting into on the job site.

  KC Coring and Cutting has an exemplary safety rating because we are careful to use ground penetrating radar before making our cuts. 

  Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a piece of equipment that allows us to take a peek at what lies beneath the ground’s surface. The GPR sends radio waves into the soil or concrete and records the echoes that result from the objects below the surface. From those echoes, our crews can detect variation in the composition of the ground material. This gives us a good idea of what lies beneath the surface.


Of course, GPR can be used on concrete, but it can be used on other surfaces as well. Our equipment can see what lies beneath soil, rock, ice, freshwater, and pavement. The type of surface determines the depth that can be reached. Typically, the maximum penetration depth for concrete is around two feet. 

  Sure, GPR might help us uncover buried treasure, but unfortunately, we find utility lines and pipes most of the time. GPR can find metal, plastic, PVC, and natural materials. It can be used for environmental or development surveying, construction, landscaping, and many more projects.

  There are many advantages of using GPR before our cutting or excavating projects.

  • GPR is safe to use in most public spaces and project sites. Not only is the GPR technology safe to use, but using it makes the worksite safer.

  • GPR also detects underground irregularities, such as air pockets, voids, and excavated and back-filled areas. This will keep us from uncovering unhappy surprises while in the middle of the job.

  • Our equipment gives us precise information on the size and shape of the underground feature. This allows us to work around the issue.

  • GPR works relatively quickly. 

  • Our equipment can be set to analyze specific depths, so we know whether or not the obstructions will impede the work or not.

  • Our crews can analyze whether or not the project is feasible before any cutting or digging is done.

  As you can see from this list, a lot can go wrong if you start cutting or digging without first checking what lies beneath the surface. KC Coring and Cutting has a top-notch safety rating because we take every necessary precaution before beginning a job. This ensures the safety of our customers, other crews, and our own staff. Be weary of working with companies that don’t take these necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. 

  KC Coring and Cutting is the premier concrete cutting company in Kansas City. We have made a name for ourselves by providing safe, quality service for both large and small jobs. 

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