Why You Should Use KC Cutting and Coring’s Brokk Demolition for Your Next Project


For those of you who have never seen the Brokk in action, please visit this page of our website. Even though this article will try to describe the capabilities of this amazing piece of equipment, it’s pretty powerful to see it in action.

The Brokk is used for both interior and exterior demolition projects. What makes this machine unique is that it can be used in areas where fumes can’t be present. It’s electrically powered but has enough power to break, crush, and remove large or small areas of concrete.

The other feature that makes the Brokk unique is that it is small enough to fit into areas where a regular excavator can’t be used. Its size and the fact that it is electrically powered make it an ideal tool for indoor demolition projects.

While the equipment is impressive, it doesn’t run on its own. KC Coring and Cutting’s trained technicians are highly skilled at maneuvering this complex piece of equipment. They maneuver the Brokk using a remote control. It can rotate 360 degrees, climb stairs, and has both front and rear outriggers making it stable in even the most precarious situations.

Are you concerned because your worksite doesn’t have electricity? That’s no problem. Our generators can power the Brokk. It can also be wired at the job site with a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail from up to 300 feet away.

If you have a tough demolition job that you need performed in a tight space using emission-free equipment, the Brokk is the perfect tool for the job. KC Coring and Cutting has 20 Brokk machines, and our technicians are ready to serve you.

Why use KC Coring and Cutting?
Demolition projects can be dangerous, but KC Coring and Cutting places safety as its number one priority. Our crew is trained to pay attention to their surroundings and to only proceed in the demolition if it is safe for all the people present at the worksite. We have both a full-time Safety Director and a Director of Risk Control Services. We are also proud that our company is an A+ Insurance carrier and a certified federal drug-free workplace.

The leadership and staff of KC Coring and Cutting also has a lot of experience in the demolition industry. We are widely known in the Kansas City area and have served thousands of customers throughout the decades we’ve been in business.

Finally, besides having an exemplary safety record and lots of experience, we run our business right. We will show up when we are expected, perform our task as promised, and clean up before leaving. Do you have a large or small, interior or exterior demolition project that needs to be completed in the Kansas City area? Call KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015 or fill out this online contact form.

Need more convincing that KC Coring and Cutting is the right company for your project? Check out our online reviews. We are proud of them!

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