5 Reasons Brokk Demolition Should Be Used for Your Next Demo Project

BROKK Demollition

Are you getting ready to start a renovation project but have concerns on how to get started? If your renovation or building project must begin with highly skilled demolition, reach out to KC Coring and Cutting.

  Even though we don’t have the word “demolition” in our business name, we have all the tools necessary for removing concrete. We want to highlight one of those “tools” today – the Brokk.

  The Brokk is a highly sophisticated electric-powered robot that is often used for tricky demolition projects. It is controlled remotely and is small enough to fit into areas where larger demolition equipment can’t fit.

  The Brokk can crush, break, and dig up large areas of concrete. It can outperform excavators five times larger.

  Besides having a more compact body, the fact that it runs off of electric power adds to the machine’s flexibility. It can be used in areas where fumes can’t be present or on sites that might be hazardous for a standard piece of equipment. Do you need to excavate in an area without making a lot of noise? This is the tool for you!

  There are many benefits to working with such a small machine. It can rotate 360 degrees, fit into elevators, and go through narrow spaces. In addition, it works on a three-arm system, which allows for an extraordinary reach if necessary. Its diminutive size, however, allows for precise and accurate moves. Moreover, it can complete all of these complicated moves without an onboard operator.

  Even though the Brokk runs with electric power and is small, it can complete significant demolition projects. Check out this video on our website to see the power and versatility of this machine.

  Because it has both front and rear outriggers, it can remain stable in unstable situations. The Brokk can even climb stairs.

  There are no on-site power requirements for the Brokk. While it can be wired at the job site with a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail up to 300 feet away, it can also be powered by our mobile generators.

  In short, the Brokk is as powerful as a large excavator, and it gets the job much faster than using hand-held tools.

  Do you think that the Brokk is just the tool you need for your demolition project? Then, give KC Coring and Cutting a call. We have over 20 Brokk machines and plenty of skilled operators who are ready to use them.

  We have an excellent safety rating and the necessary equipment to make sure we know what we are cutting into before we begin the job.

  KC Coring and Cutting is the premier source for all your concrete cutting needs in Kansas City. Whether you need cuts to be precise or not, we have the tools and equipment that can get the job done.

  We have been working in the concrete removal and cutting industry for over 41 years. Call KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015 to schedule an on-site estimate.

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