Brokk Demolition

The Brokk is an electric-powered remote-controlled demolition robot that is compact enough to fit into areas where a regular excavator cannot. It is used for areas where fumes cannot be present, or that might be hazardous and would be unsafe for a standard excavator. Despite its small size, the Brokk is can complete major demolition projects and can dig, break, crush, and remove large areas of concrete. It can also rotate 360 degrees, fit into elevators or climb stairs, and has front and rear outriggers making it stable even in uneven situations.

The Brokk uses a state of the art remote control system that allows our operators to control the unit with extreme accuracy, while also ensuring safety. It can also be powered by our trucks or generators or can be wired at the job site with a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail up to 300 feet away. Because it is electric powered, this demolition machine is emissions-free and is ideal for use in hospitals and other enclosed spaces.

At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., we have over 20 Brokk machines ready for your demolition needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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