Wire Sawing


Wire sawing is an efficient way to make openings in thick concrete walls, as well as remove large portions of concrete. Our wire saws can be used in areas where there is limited space, and can cut to virtually any depth. The professionally trained saw operators at KC Coring & Cutting use wire saws to get the job done quickly, or to safely and precisely cut into complex structures including steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

We use the latest concrete cutting methods and technology. Our diamond wire saws have braided wire cables that are embedded with diamonds, and use a pulley system to guide the wires. This allows us to make clean cuts with no damage to the surrounding concrete. Wire Sawing is ideal for nuclear plants, bridges, beams, piers, as well as other areas that are vibration or shock sensitive.

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We are also members of the nationally recognized Coring & Cutting Group. https://sawconcrete.com/

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