5 Reasons You Should Choose KC Coring & Cutting For Your Next Project

Are you looking for a concrete core drill company in Kansas City? Or a company to complete concrete grinding in Overland Park? Then contact KC Coring and Cutting. We are the premier choice for concrete cutting in Kansas City and have been for over 40 years.

Here are five reasons you should choose us for your next project.

Our longevity in the business makes a statement.
Things were very different in Kansas City when KC Coring and Cutting began serving the community. The median home price in Kansas City was $72,600, Anne Peterson and Wendall Anschutz were co-anchors of KCTV 5 news, and Patrick Mahomes wasn’t even a glint in his father’s eye. KC Coring and Cutting has been serving Blue Springs, Lenexa, and Kearney for over four decades, and many of our crew members have been with us for a long time. So if you have a complex concrete cutting job, we have probably already seen one like it.

2. We have a solid reputation in the Kansas City community.
We are known around Kansas City as a dependable and affordable concrete-cutting company. We have completed thousands of large and small projects all over the metro area and worked with many construction, renovation, public works, and demolition crews. Check out our reviews or ask your friends in the industry. You’re sure to hear good things about us, and we are proud of our stellar reputation.

3. We have a 0.78 EMR rating.
We know that some of you have no idea what an EMR is, and you have no idea if a 0.78 rating is worthy of bragging. Let us explain it this way: our insurance company is willing to charge us less expensive premiums because they know our crews use safe working practices. Therefore, a 0.78 EMR rating is suitable to brag about, so we will. Safety is important to our leadership team and crew members.

4. We complete our projects on time.
We know how important it is to show up on time to bid on a project or complete a job. This is true for large and small projects. Everyone on our team has field experience, so they know how to estimate and bid jobs accurately. They also know how long each job should take, which means we keep an accurate schedule. Not every concrete-cutting company can make that claim. Our on-time delivery makes KC Coring and Cutting stand out from the rest.

5. We complete complex concrete cutting, coring, and grinding jobs.
KC Coring and Cutting can complete complex concrete jobs. Whether you need to make cuts underwater, near a bridge, or in a hospital – we have the right equipment for those unique situations. In addition, our crews have advanced operator training for each piece of our well-maintained equipment.

Contact KC Coring and Cutting
Do you have a concrete problem and are unsure of the solution? Give us a call. We can help talk you through the project and offer assistance if needed. Contact KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015. We’ll come out and take a look at your project and provide a free estimate.

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