Common Uses for Concrete Core Drilling

Core Drilling


In our business, people often come to us with their problems, hoping we can offer a solution. While we can’t make your teenage son drive slower or tell you what to make for dinner, we can provide you an answer to your problem if it relates to concrete.

  KC Coring and Cutting offers concrete core drilling in Kansas City. This service is even part of our name. But what are some of the common uses for concrete core drilling? Here are some to consider.

  The most common use of concrete core drilling is to create the necessary openings for plumbing, ductwork, drainpipes, or electrical lines. The process is used to make way for water pipes, sewer lines, phone lines, and computer lines. Concrete core drilling is completed on new construction and existing construction. 

  Concrete core drilling is also essential in the creation of vaults and maintenance holes. It can be used as a part of structural testing or the analysis of rock or strata. 

  Concrete core drilling can be used to remove large sections of concrete, which is often referred to as line drilling or line coring. This process is sometimes used when other concrete cutting techniques won’t work for the situation.  

  Concrete core drilling is also commonly used to create holes for anchoring bolts or installing load-carrying devices. It can be used to drill holes for handrails and fireplace exhaust systems.

  Even though we refer to it as “concrete” core drilling, our tools can also cut through other materials, such as asphalt, stone, brick, and cinder blocks. 

  Concrete core drilling can be ​completed on floors, walls, and ceilings -- basically whenever a hole is required. The holes can be drilled at any angle, whether vertical or horizontal and to any depth. KC Coring and Cutting can cut holes from a quarter-inch in diameter to 66 inches in diameter. We can also create access to both sides. We can even complete concrete core drilling underwater!

  Even though it seems as if KC Coring and Cutting can use concrete core drilling methods for any purpose, we have plenty of other tools at our disposal to solve different problems. We also do concrete wall sawing, concrete hand sawing, concrete chainsawing, concrete wire sawing, Brokk Demolition, concrete curb sawing, concrete grinding and polishing, and concrete shot blasting. We have Ground Penetrating Radar at our disposal, so we can take a peek inside the structure before we use our equipment. After all, at KC Coring and Cutting, safety is our number one priority!

  It may seem like we can do anything with concrete at KC Coring and Cutting. That’s because -- we can. We have been Kansas City’s premier concrete coring and cutting company for over 40 years. You probably can’t present us with a problem that we’ve not seen previously.

  Do you have a concrete problem that needs a solution? Call KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015. Still need convincing that we can solve any concrete problem? Check out our reviews! We are proud of them!

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