Concrete Coring & Cutting in Residential Settings

When you think of concrete-cutting companies, you may think of large construction or public works projects. While concrete cutting and coring companies are essential for drilling maintenance holes and cutting holes for doors and windows in concrete, coring and cutting machines can also be used in residential settings.

Here are some examples of when you might need to hire a concrete cutting and coring company to work in your home.

Kitchen Remodels or Additions
You may need to change the location of your plumbing to create your dream kitchen. If your kitchen remodel involves moving or adding a sink or changing the placement of your refrigerator or other appliances, you might need the help of a concrete coring company. Besides helping you create the necessary openings for plumbing, a concrete cutting company can also help you cut holes for HVAC vents and conduit.
Are you adding mother-in-law quarters to your basement and wish to add a kitchenette? Concrete coring companies will help you with the additional drains. Make sure you hire a professional for this job!

Bathroom Remodels or Additions
Major bathroom remodels, or additions where drains are moved or added may require the help of a concrete coring company. Even if you plan to do most of the work yourself, allow a professional to cut the holes. You probably don't have the right equipment to complete it yourself – and a lot can go wrong.

Landscaping Projects
Are you taking on a major landscaping project that requires you to move a significant amount of earth or concrete? Concrete cutting and coring companies typically use ground-penetrating radar to help determine what lies under or within the surface. GPR can locate a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastic, PVC, concrete, or natural materials. It can be used to find the following:

• Utility lines and pipes
• Geological obstructions
• Air pockets or voids
• Excavated and back-filled areas
• Groundwater tables
• Bedrock

Make sure the ground is free of obstructions before you dig! A concrete cutting company can also help remove unwanted concrete to prepare for an updated outdoor living space or driveway.

Concrete Polishing
Are you ready to make your concrete floors shine? Some concrete-cutting companies have the right equipment and skills for the job. Create a beautiful, polished floor in your garage or living space.

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