Concrete Hand Saw vs. Concrete Chain Saw: What Are the Differences?

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Crews working at concrete cutting companies have a wide range of tools and technology at their disposal. Let’s take a more in-depth look at two tools: concrete hand saw vs concrete chain saw. We’ll analyze the design and application of each.

Here are the key differences between a concrete hand saw vs. concrete chain saw.

Concrete Hand Saw vs. Concrete Chain Saw: Design

A concrete hand saw is a handheld, hydraulic-powered tool that resembles a circular saw but is specifically designed for cutting concrete. It typically has a circular blade with diamond-tipped teeth and is operated by hand. You need to guide the saw along the concrete surface manually. On the other hand, a concrete chain saw is similar in design to a chainsaw but is adapted for cutting concrete. It features a chain with diamond segments and is motorized. The chain moves in a loop, allowing it to cut through concrete in a manner similar to a chainsaw cutting through wood.

Concrete Hand Saw vs. Concrete Chain Saw: Application
Handheld concrete saws are often used for precision cutting of thinner concrete materials, such as creating control joints, making small openings in concrete, or cutting through concrete blocks and slabs. They are designed to cut flush with floors or walls and to make clean holes for doors, windows, and other openings. They are more suitable for detailed and controlled cutting work. Concrete chain saws are generally used for heavier and larger-scale tasks. They are commonly used in construction and demolition work to cut through thick concrete walls, floors, and other large concrete structures. This saw is capable of performing plunge cuts up to 25” deep. The motorized design allows for faster and more substantial cutting.

Concrete Hand Saw vs. Concrete Chain Saw: Portability
Handheld concrete saws are relatively portable and versatile. They can be easily transported to job sites and used in tight spaces or remote locations. Concrete chain saws are typically larger and heavier than hand saws, making them less portable and better suited for stationary or larger-scale projects.

Concrete Hand Saw vs. Concrete Chain Saw: Noise and Vibration
Handheld concrete saws tend to be less noisy and produce less vibration compared to chain saws, which can be advantageous for operator comfort and safety.

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