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Flooring Grinding

Husqvarna Floor Grinder

The concrete floor grinder used by the experienced operators at KC Coring & Cutting is a PG 820 RC, a state of the art remote-controlled floor grinder with Dual Drive Technology. A remote controlled grinder allows for higher productivity and produces better results than its manually operated counterpart. It is also causes less wear and strain on operators, and is lightweight for easy transport to and from job sites. This grinder can be used both wet and dry and has a width of 820 mm, making it suitable for industrial work, concrete floor prep, repair, and polishing.
Perhaps one of its greatest benefits is that is operates independently, and can run for hours longer than an operator would be able to withstand using a manual grinder. This also allows for multitasking, and other jobs such as preparing tools or adjusting hoses can be done while the machine is running.
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