How Does Concrete Wire Sawing Work?

Wire Sawing KC Coring and Cutting is your one-stop-shop for any of your concrete cutting needs. We offer a full range of services, including concrete core drilling, concrete wall sawing, Brokk demolition, and concrete grinding and polishing.

We want to highlight another service we offer in this blog -- concrete wire sawing. We’ll tell you what it is used for, how it works, and why you should call KC Coring and Cutting to complete the work.

What is wire sawing?
Wire sawing is an efficient way to make openings in concrete walls. It can also be used to remove a large portion of concrete, especially in areas with limited space. Wire sawing can also be done on steel structures or on heavily reinforced concrete.

Wire sawing is completed on structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting methods. We also use wire sawing in tight areas and submerged locations.

One benefit of wire sawing over other technologies is that it can be used in areas that are vibration or shock sensitive. This makes it the go-to technique when having to make cuts on bridges, beams, and piers (even those submerged in water). It’s also used on foundation concrete walls thicker than 30 inches.

Wire sawing is extremely customizable. The operator can safely work at a distance. Since water is a part of the process, the cutting location remains cool, and dust is kept to a minimum.

How does wire sawing work?
KC Coring and Cutting has diamond wire saws, which have braided wire cables that are embedded with diamonds. A hydraulic-driven wheel forces the wire through the concrete that needs to be cut. A pulley system is used to guide the wires and allows our crew to cut at any thickness and any angle. Its design allows our team to make clean cuts with no damage to the surrounding area.

Do you think your project requires the use of a wire saw?

Contact KC Coring and Cutting.
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Our leadership stays current in the concrete cutting industry by belonging to national professional organizations. They pass this knowledge on to the staff, making sure they learn the most recent (and safest) techniques.

Finally, our crews only use well-maintained equipment. This is important for keeping everyone at the worksite safe.

Our reputation in the industry, experience, training, and well-maintained equipment make KC Coring and Cutting the obvious choice for the job.

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