How Robots Are Changing the Way We Do Demolition

Brokk Demolition

We are living in exciting times. Robots are making work sites safer, and you must agree – that's a good thing. Let's discuss one machine that can complete large or small demolition jobs without exposing workers to harmful emissions.

5 Exciting Benefits of Brokk Demolition
The Brokk is an electrical-powered demolition robot that can complete large and small jobs. Here's how Brokk robots are changing the way we do demolition in the U.S.

1. Brokk demolition robots are remote-controlled.
Of course, the benefit of a remotely controlled demolition machine is that the operator can get out of harm's way during excavation. Experienced, trained users can control the Brokk unit with unbelievable accuracy. Watch this video to see how the Brokk can maneuver.

2. Brokk demolition robots are small enough to fit into tight areas but large enough to complete big jobs.
Brokk robots are powerful enough to dig, crush, and break concrete – and remove the debris. And it is compact enough to fit into areas where a regular excavator can't maneuver.

3. Brokk demolition robots can be used for interior and exterior projects.
Do you have an interior demolition job? Brokk demolition robots can be used in places with little ventilation. While standard excavators make fumes, a Brokk demolition machine can be used indoors without harming the operator or others in the building. The machines can be powered by generators or wired at the job site with a conventional 460V three-phase pigtail up to 300 feet away. And because it is electric-powered, this robot demolition machine is ideal for use in hospitals and other spaces where air quality is critical.

4. Brokk demolition machines can maneuver across rugged terrain.
This robot can rotate 360 degrees, fit into elevators, and climb stairs while the user stands safely to the side. And the Brokk demolition machine has front and rear outriggers, making it stable even in uneven situations.

5. KC Coring and Cutting has over 20 Brokk machines ready for your project.
Your demolition project will be on time and on the mark when you pick KC Coring and Cutting for the job. Our operators have a lot of experience using Brokk demolition robots, and we are ready to help you with your project.

Why You Should Choose KC Coring and Cutting For Your Demolition Project
There may be other Kansas City metro companies with similar demolition equipment, but KC Coring and Cutting has over four decades of experience in the industry. We have been the go-to concrete-cutting company in the KC Metro area since Jimmy Carter was President. One of the reasons KC Coring and Cutting has lasted so long is that we put safety first. Many companies say they care about workplace safety, but we can prove that we care by our .78 EMR rating.

KC Coring and Cutting is also proud to have worked on some of the most prominent projects in the KC area – including the expansion of the KC Streetcar. Give us a call at 816-523-2015 to schedule a free consultation.

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