What is the KC Streetcar Project? What Will the Streetcar Expansion Mean for Kansas City?

The KC Streetcar project began construction in May 2014 and opened for service on May 6, 2016. Currently, the 2.2-mile route connects the River Market to Union Station/Crown Center – with ten stops on the way. The KC Streetcar is free to ride.

KC Coring and Cutting is proud to have been a part of this project since its beginning. Let’s learn about the future of this public transportation program – and what the expansion will mean for KC.

The Current Route

The current KC Streetcar route connects Union Station/Crown Center to the River Market – making stops in the Crossroads District, Kauffman Center, Power & Light, and the KC Library – along with other stops at the Metro Center and North Loop. 

KC Streetcar Expansion

Currently, the Main Street extension of the KC Streetcar is under construction. The expanded track will be “Ready to Ride in 2025.” 

There will be new stops at Liberty Memorial, Union Hill, Armour & Main, Westport, Southmoreland, the Art Museums, The Country Club Plaza, and UMKC. This expansion is the largest infrastructure project in KC at this time. 

What the KC Streetcar Project Has Done for KC

If you’ve used this free service over the last seven years, you probably noticed improvements along the route, including additional retail shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and residences. You probably have noticed increased foot traffic and a sense of excitement from riders. 

A recent survey of business owners with establishments on the route showed that ninety-seven percent (97%) credited the streetcar with positively impacting their business. 

KC Coring and Cutting Is Proud To Be a Part of the KC Streetcar Project

A select KC Coring and Cutting team is working on the KC Streetcar expansion project. The workers are cutting the streets in preparation for the track installation, taking great care as they work around utility lines. 

In fact, KC Coring and Cutting crews are known for their excellent safety record. The company has a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services. These individuals train every staff member to ensure a safe environment for others at the worksite.

But it’s not just the .78 EMR rating that enabled KC Coring and Cutting to land the KC Streetcar project. The company has longevity in the community, an excellent reputation, and highly trained workers. 

KC Coring and Cutting offers a wide range of services, including curb sawing, wall sawing, concrete shot blasting, and Brokk demolition services. 

To learn more about the KC Streetcar, visit kcstreetcar.org. You can explore the streetcar map, view where the KC Streetcars currently are located, and learn more about the hot spots to see along the route. You can also stay current on the expansion project – and buy KC Streetcar swag. 

If you need to schedule a consultation with the premier concrete cutting company in Kansas City, fill out this contact form on the KC Coring and Cutting website. We love KC, and we can’t wait to serve you!

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