What is wire sawing?

WIRE SAW You can’t work in the concrete-cutting industry without staying current in technology and equipment. The leadership of KC Coring and Cutting remains current in the field so they can utilize the most up-to-date techniques when working on projects for their customers. Even though wire saws have been around for a few decades, the use of the equipment has changed over the years. Let’s learn about wire saws and how they are used. Wire saws have braided wire cables. The cables are embedded with diamonds. A pulley system, which is run by a hydraulic motor, guides the diamond-encrusted cables to make precision cuts in almost any material. Our operators have a lot of varied experience using wire saws. They know what problems can arise and are continually looking for signs of trouble. Besides being versatile to maneuver, a wire saw offers many other benefits as well. First, the saw can be used with minimal vibration and noise. This means that there is little environmental impact when using the saw. Second, the wire saw can be used in challenging environments -- such as in tight spaces or under water. Finally, a wire saw can cut in any direction. A wire saw is both adaptable and strong, which makes it an indispensable tool in KC Coring and Cutting’s arsenal. They can be used to handle challenging projects. For example, wire saws work great for segmenting and then removing large pieces of concrete when other tools are unable to get the job done. They can also be used to remove reinforced concrete from bridges, beams, towers, dams, piers, and large buildings. Besides being able to cut through steel-encased concrete, they can also cut through concrete-encased steel supports and reinforced rebar. One of the most amazing functionalities of a wire saw is its ability to be used in areas that are shock sensitive. This means that wire saws can be used on bridges, piers, and nuclear power plants. A section of materials can be removed without doing any damage to the surrounding material. Of course, it takes great skill and training to use a wire saw. KC Coring and Cutting specialists are able to use these intricate pieces of equipment safely and precisely. Their expertise allows KC Coring and Cutting to take on any complex construction or demolition job that you could ever consider. We have worked across a wide variety of industries throughout our work in the Kansas City area. Why should you use Kansas City Coring and Cutting for your precision cutting needs? There are plenty of reasons. First, we have decades of experience in the concrete cutting industry. Second, there is no job too small or too complicated for us. We have the equipment and the professional knowledge to tackle any sized project. Next, we have a superior safety history. We are a Federal Drug-Free Work Place and an A+ Insurance carrier. Finally, we are a locally-owned and operated company. We are known in the construction and demolition industry within Kansas City because we have been providing quality service here for decades. Give us a call at 816-523-2015 for a free quote.

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