The Competitive Advantage of Using KC Coring and Cutting

When it comes to concrete cutting and coring services in Kansas City, industry experts are quick to recommend KC Coring and Cutting. What makes our company the best? Here are the competitive advantages of hiring KC Coring and Cutting for the job.

KC Coring and Cutting has been around the decades. While it is important to know that you are dealing with a company that has endured the test of time, it is essential that you understand that the current KC Coring and Cutting staff has loads of industry experience. This type of experience is crucial when hiring someone to complete dangerous projects that require precise cuts.   In our industry, there are no “do-overs.” If you have one chance to do a job right, trust the people who have seen and done it all. Experience counts for a lot when you hire someone to cut or core concrete.

Concrete cutting and coring requires the use of precision, quality equipment. KC Coring and Cutting crews use high-tech equipment that is well-maintained.   Even though other companies may own similar pieces of equipment, the KC Coring and Cutting operators are highly trained. It takes skill and practice to use top-of-the-line equipment, and our team has plenty of experience.   Quality equipment used by highly trained staff equals quality work.

  On Time
KC Coring and Cutting’s entire team works as a cohesive unit. The schedulers and bidders have spent a lot of time out in the field, making them well-suited to provide our customers with an accurate timeline of when the job will be complete.   We know how important it is to complete a job when it is promised. Homeowners depend on us to show up when we say we will. Our work must be done on time for large projects, as other construction professionals rely on us to maintain their own schedule.   When you hire KC Coring and Cutting, the job will be completed on time.

If you have a job where making precise cuts is essential, contact KC Coring and Cutting staff. They specialize in concrete cutting jobs in hard-to-reach spots. We not only have the equipment for such work, but our crews also have the skill to complete complex projects. Often our crews are given the task to follow the exact specs of a plan. They know that these specs aren’t merely “suggestions” The plumbers and electricians that follow our crews depend on us to do our job with precision.   If you need someone to complete a job by following the exact specifications of a plan, contact KC Coring and Cutting.  

When you work in a dangerous industry, workplace safety is no laughing matter. That’s why KC Coring and Cutting place safety as their number one priority.   We are proud of our safety rating, and it didn’t happen by accident. KC Coring and Cutting has both a full-time Safety Director and a Director of Risk Control Services. These individuals train the staff to ensure that a safe environment is maintained for other crews, our clients, and our own employees.

  Do you need a job done right? Contact KC Coring and Cutting at 816-523-2015.

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