Top 5 Reasons to Choose KC Coring & Cutting

Be selective when hiring a company for a concrete coring and cutting job. When working with concrete, you often have one chance to do the job right. Here are five reasons you should select KC Coring & Cutting for projects in Kansas City.

KC Coring & Cutting has years of industry experience.
KC Coring and Cutting is in its fourth decade of serving the KC Metro and surrounding communities. Many of the staff and leadership team have spent most of their careers at the company. This experience pays off – whether you need a company to complete a routine job or a task requiring special skills.

Our crews have loads of experience in core drilling and slab sawing, and they also can complete curb sawing – and grooving and grinding projects.

KC Coring & Cutting is known for providing quality workmanship.
KC Coring & Cutting’s experienced operators use well-maintained, quality equipment to complete projects. We invest in cutting-edge equipment that allows us to complete small and large-scale projects – from working on projects like the KC Streetcar expansion to core drilling for a homeowner’s basement bathroom addition. But we are most proud of our outstanding crew. These highly skilled individuals provide excellent customer service and will complete your job safely and precisely.

KC Coring & Cutting meets deadlines – without compromising safety.
Another benefit of working with an experienced crew is that they know how long a job will take when they bid on it. If you want to work with a professional crew that will finish the job when promised, reach out to a business with over 40 years of concrete-cutting experience. Our crews show up on time. We know that often, our work must be completed before the next stage can commence, so we do our best to provide an accurate timeline.

KC Coring & Cutting crews make precise cuts.
Precision is essential in our industry. Precise work saves time and money – and is vital in workplace safety. When making precise cuts is essential, depend on a company with decades of experience – KC Coring & Cutting. We can make a wide range of cuts – even in hard-to-reach spots. Our equipment also enables us to follow the plan’s specs — so the plumbers and electricians who follow us can finish their work efficiently. When KC Coring & Cutting shows up to complete a project on your job site, you know it will be precisely done.

KC Coring & Cutting has an excellent safety record.
KC Coring and Cutting crews adhere to the highest safety standards to keep everyone on the job site safe. We have a full-time Director of Risk Control Services and Safety Director and – and our crews meet all the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. We also have TWIC and CPR certifications and advanced operator training for all our equipment. Finally, we are proud that KC Coring and Cutting is a certified Federal Drug-Free Workplace and an A+ Insurance Carrier.

Experience + Skill + Technology = Quality Work
What makes KC Coring & Cutting stand apart from similar organizations in KC? We follow this simple formula – Experience + Skill + Technology = Quality. When you need to complete a concrete cutting or coring project right, contact KC Coring & Cutting at 816-523-2015.

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