Uses for Concrete Wire Saws

Wire Sawing

If you are planning a construction, renovation, or demolition project and need assistance cutting or coring through concrete, reach out to a professional in the industry. Describe what you need to have done, and they will determine the best method and tools to use for the situation.

However, you might be curious about the uses of some of the most common concrete-cutting tools. So today, we would like to highlight concrete wire saws.

What is a concrete wire saw?
A concrete wire saw is made with a multi-strand cable with diamond segments. The line is threaded through a pulley system and then pulled back and forth through whatever needs to be cut. Concrete wire sawing is also sometimes referred to as diamond wire cutting. Concrete wire sawing is a technique that originated in stone quarries. However, it is used in a variety of circumstances now.

What kind of materials will a concrete wire saw cut?
Concrete wire saws can cut through almost anything, including stone, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete, and heavily reinforced concrete. Concrete wire saws can also cut through steel.

What are the benefits of using a concrete wire saw?
Of course, concrete can be broken, cut, or cored using other machinery and tools. However, there are benefits to using a concrete wire saw. Concrete wire saws

• Have a minimal environmental impact
• Have minimal vibration and noise
• Perform consistently in challenging environments
• Work underwater
• Can be used in close-knit spaces
• Can cut in any direction
• Make precise cuts
• Can be operated from a safe distance

Additionally, concrete wire sawing is commonly used for underwater cutting, cuts in restricted or remote areas, and cuts through depths beyond conventional tools' reach.

What are common uses for a concrete wire saw?
As you can imagine, the uses for a concrete wire saw are practically unlimited. Here are some typical applications for concrete wire cutting.

Wire cutting is used for

• Cutting reinforced concrete over 24 inches in thickness
• Removing concrete tanks
• Modifying or removing bridge piers
• Modifying hydroelectric dams
• Making the necessary cuts for subway modifications
• Cutting concrete pipes
• Cutting large-diameter steel pipes
• Cutting openings in thick walls
• Removing concrete structures

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