What Are the Benefits of Concrete Grinding and Polishing?

Grooving and Grinding

If we changed the name of our company to list all the services we provided, our sign would wrap around the building.

While it’s obvious that we at KC Coring and Cutting complete “concrete coring and cutting projects in KC,” we also offer concrete grinding and polishing services.

Here’s what you need to know about concrete grinding and polishing and why you need to reach out to our concrete experts to complete your project.

Let’s start with concrete grinding.
Sometimes large, flat areas of asphalt or concrete can cause problems for home and business owners. For example, if you have ever worked on a concrete floor, you know how slippery this surface can get when it’s wet. While concrete floors are the most cost-effective and appropriate flooring choice for factories, warehouses, and livestock barns, you don’t want your family or employees injured from falls on the slippery surface.

One solution to this problem is concrete grinding. Our highly trained operators will use a transverse groover that will cut shallow channels on large, flat surfaces of concrete and asphalt. This will not only improve traction but will also improve drainage. This service can be performed in plants, factories, warehouses, livestock yards, roadways, runways, or areas with inclines or ramps.

KC Coring and Cutting’s experienced operators use a PG 820 RC to complete the process. This state-of-the-art floor grinder is remote-controlled. It can be used both wet and dry and has a width of 820 mm. This piece of machinery yields high productivity and excellent results.

As you can imagine, the PG 820 RC produces a lot of hazardous dust as it works. This dust can be a problem inside a factory or warehouse. Happily, KC Coring and Cutting also has a solution to this problem. Our DC 6000 dust collector can simultaneously run with our PG 820 floor grinder. The DC 6000 is an air filtering system, which uses a unique double-shell cyclone and automatic filter cleaning system. It can be used with both wet or dry concrete grinding.

Some circumstances call for a shiny, smooth floor surface. If you would like such a floor for your showroom, lab, or office building, KC Coring and Cutting can help you with this as well. This process begins with the use of concrete grinding machines equipped with a disc of what looks like coarse sandpaper. Next, the discs are replaced with finer grit discs until a high shine finish is produced.

At this point, a polishing compound may be added to the surface to give the surface the desired sheen. You’ll be surprised how beautiful polished concrete can look! You’ll have an aesthetically pleasing surface that is durable and easy to maintain.

Even though the words “grinding” and “polishing” aren’t in our name, we hope you reach out to KC Coring and Cutting if you have a surface that needs more traction. Conversely, you should also reach out to us if you want to create a show-stopper floor that wows your visitors.

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