What are the common uses of concrete core drilling?


If you are searching for a concrete core drilling company in Kansas City, reach out to the best in the business. KC Coring and Cutting has been in the concrete cutting industry for over four decades, and our crews have seen and done it all.   However, you might be a home or business owner without a lot of experience in the construction or renovation industry. If that is the case, you might not know how KC Coring and Cutting can help you with your project. This article will inform you about the process of concrete coring and list some of the common uses for this type of drilling.

  What is concrete core drilling?
Concrete core drilling describes the process of creating an opening through concrete or another similar material. Specially trained crews use precise equipment to drill holes to any depth that are a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. Many times these cuts have to be done in hard-to-reach areas and precise locations.    Professional crews like those working for KC Coring and Cutting can drill holes inside or outside, above or below ground, and create access to both sides. We can even cut or drill concrete underwater. 

  What are common uses for concrete core drilling? Are you in the midst of a construction or renovation project on your Kansas City home or business? Here’s how KC Coring and Cutting can help!

  • Adding Plumbing or Floor Drains to Your Basement

Are you adding a bathroom or renovating a bathroom in your basement? You might need to add holes for drains or water and sewer lines. KC Coring and Cutting can help you with this process. 

  • Installing a Sump Pump 

Did your foundation repair company recommend that you install a sump pump in your basement? You’ll need help with this process. KC Coring and Cutting can drill the necessary holes to install the sump pump and create an opening for the discharge pipe. 

  • Installing or Replacing Ductwork

KC Coring and Cutting has been working with Kansas City area HVAC companies for years. Make sure the concrete cuts are done right by insisting that KC Coring and Cutting is hired for the job. 

  • Adding Electrical or Communication Lines 

Does your renovation project require adding electrical or communication lines? KC Coring and Cutting can help! Of course, we also work on new construction projects!

  • Installing a Handrail

Do you not have the right equipment or expertise to install a handrail on a concrete wall? KC Coring and Cutting can complete the job for you so that you can provide a safe environment for your guests or customers. 

  • Installing a Sprinkler System

KC Coring and Cutting helps home and business owners with drilling holes required for sprinkler systems.   

Why hire KC Coring and Cutting?
When you only have one chance to do a job right, it is important that you work with a crew who has a lot of experience. KC Coring and Cutting has been completing concrete core drilling projects in Kansas City for decades. Call 816-523-2015 to discuss your project with our schedulers.   

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