What is an EMR Rating? Why is a Low Score Important? 

You probably don’t choose a concrete cutting company based on its EMR rating. In fact, when hiring a concrete cutting, concrete sawing, and concrete grinding company in Kansas City, you probably feel good about choosing KC Coring and Cutting – even without knowing that we have an impressive EMR rating. After all, we have great customer reviews, a proven track record, and have been providing these services in KC for over 40 years.

  The fact that KC Coring and Cutting has an excellent EMR rating is probably just icing on the cake. So what is an EMR rating? What does this mean for you –our customer?

  Let’s learn about this vital safety rating and why a low score is important.

What are EMR Ratings?

EMR stands for experience modification rating. This rating is used to price workers’ compensation insurance premiums. In essence, a company’s EMR determines the company’s potential for risk in the future.   A company’s EMR is calculated by their insurance and workers’ insurance compensation claims. These claims are reported to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, and this organization uses the data from the previous three years to determine a company’s EMR.

  There are a lot of factors that go into determining the rating. For example, the types of incidents that have happened in the past, the cost of each incident, and the number of employees are considered in determining the rating.

  The industry average is set at 1.0. A company with a rating above the industry average (or above 1.0) has to pay higher insurance premiums because the insurance company thinks that the company will be more likely to have a workplace accident than other similar companies.

  If a company has a lower EMR (or below 1.0), it is considered safer than most. This means that the company pays lower insurance premiums.   Please let us reassure you that KC Coring and Cutting has a low EMR. This means that we have a superior safety rating compared with other companies in our industry.

What Does a Low EMR Mean to Our Customers?

Our low EMR means that our insurance premiums are less expensive than other companies in our industry. Since we enjoy lower premiums, we can pass these savings on to our customers.

  Our low EMR means that you can feel comfortable about having our team on your worksite. In addition, we have a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services. These individuals make sure that all protocols are followed to ensure a safe environment for other crews, clients, and employees.

  Our low EMR means that you can rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands. The work won’t be interrupted because of a workplace incident. This allows us to stay on schedule and not go over budget.

KC Coring and Cutting Takes Safety Seriously

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