What is ground penetrating radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar Methodical. You may not think of that word when you see someone using a large piece of industrial equipment to rip out large chunks of concrete at a construction site. But the crew of KC Coring and Cutting work methodically on all their jobs -- no matter how large or small.

The technicians of KC Coring and Cutting have a secret weapon at their disposal that allows them to proceed with confidence in their coring and cutting jobs. This equipment is called Ground Penetrating Radar. It is used to determine what, if anything, is under the surface of the area we intend to cut.

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sends a series of pulses into the ground. The equipment then measures the amount of time it takes for the pulse to hit an unseen object and return to the radar. These measurements provide the crew with a map of objects that are below the surface of the concrete or the soil.

What are the benefits of using GPR?
There are several benefits of using GPR technology at a construction or demolition site.

Using GPR keeps everyone on the worksite safer. Safety is KC Cutting and Coring’s number one priority. This is a dangerous industry, and we only feel good about sending our crews to worksites if we know that they are given the tools they need to do the job safely.
GPR is one such tool. Before the saws or drills come off our trucks, we methodically inspect the site we will be disturbing. We mark the locations of rebar, conduits, and cables that may be embedded or buried in the structure. We don’t take this step just because we enjoy using our fancy equipment. We do this to keep our crew, and all the other teams on the worksite, safe.

Using GPR prevents project delays. We use GPR scanning not only to keep our crew safer but also so we can complete the work faster and more efficiently. After using GPR, we know where the structure’s vital components are buried. There’s no guessing. We know exactly where we need to cut or drill to do the job. Even if we are working on an addition or renovation project and have access to the as-built drawings, we have found that GPR data does not always match what is on the plans. In fact, a lot of time could be wasted if we didn’t have a GPR system to help our techs see what’s under their feet.

Using GPR saves money. Time is money, and a delayed project is a more expensive project. There are a lot of reasons that a construction project may be delayed, such as bad weather, the wrong materials being delivered, or a change in the plans. While some of the reasons for those delays cannot be controlled, using GPR will ensure that we don’t cause those delays.

The staff at KC Coring and Cutting utilizes GPR before we make cuts or drill holes. We know that doing so will keep your worksite safe while also cutting costs.

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