What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting The list of services that KC Coring and Cutting provides is extensive. We do much more than drill holes through concrete.

Today we would like to explain one of our specialty services called shot blasting. We are going to describe the process to you, talk about our capabilities for this type of work, and teach you how it differs from sandblasting. We will also let you know why you should choose KC Coring and Cutting for your shot blasting jobs in the Kansas City area.

What is shot blasting?

You’ve probably heard of sandblasting. Shot blasting is a similar process. Shot blasting can be completed on both metal and concrete, and it is used to smooth and clean those rugged surfaces.

During shot blasting, steel beads are fired out of a machine and onto the surface that needs cleaning or descaling. The beads are recirculated into the system. A shot blaster can be used to blast off stains or debris, such as rust and chemical dyes, which can’t be removed through typical cleaning methods. It can also be used to add texture to a surface, which will enhance paint adhesion.

A shot blasting system uses centrifugal force to shoot steel beads against a surface. Although it is an aggressive technique and is used for difficult prep work on rugged surfaces, it can be precise as well. The beads are well contained during the shot blasting process, so no collateral damage is done.

What are the shot blasting capabilities for KC Coring and Cutting?

Most of our shot blasting jobs are completed on both indoor and outdoor concrete slabs. When we arrive, those slabs may be stained or covered with stains or adhesives that seem unremovable. After we leave, the concrete has a smooth, finished surface.

KC Coring and Cutting can scale the grit depending upon the project. We can use a fine 280 grit or a more abrasive 390 grit shot blast. Of course, we will recommend which grit would be more appropriate based on our experience in the field.

For inside jobs, we can use the Inside Electric Shot Blast, which can cover areas as large as 4,000 to 6,000 square feet per day. The blast heads can be as wide as 15 inches and as small as 10 inches.

For outside jobs, we use a T-3000 Shot Blaster. This monster machine can blast 12,000 to 15,000 square feet per day.

How is shot blasting different than sandblasting?

A sandblaster does work similar to a shot blaster, but it works differently. A sandblaster removes debris by forcefully propelling abrasive material against a rough surface. Again, a shot blaster shoots small metal beads against a surface to remove contaminants or smooth a surface.

Why use KC Coring and Cutting for your shot blasting job? KC Coring and Cutting has been serving the Kansas City area for decades. They are well-known in the construction and demolition industry and are highly respected.

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