When is a Hand Saw the Best Option for Your Concrete Cutting Project?

Wall sawing

A good concrete cutting company has access to a wide variety of tools and instruments and knowledgeable staff that understands the right tools and techniques for each job. Today we would like to discuss concrete hand sawing. We’ll focus on the jobs that require this equipment, the types of concrete hand saws, and how to select a concrete cutting company in your area.

When do you use a concrete hand saw?

As the name suggests, concrete hand saws are operated by hand (as opposed to larger, walk-behind saws). They are used for the following types of jobs:
  • To create openings for electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and HVAC systems
  • When needing to make a cut in a small, tight area
  • When needing to make a quick cut that doesn’t require precise accuracy
  • To cut an opening in a concrete wall for a door or window
  • To cut concrete pipes to length

As concrete hand saws are typically smaller than other pieces of equipment, they are often the go-to piece used when other equipment is too bulky for a job.

What are the types of concrete hand saws?
There are two general types – the concrete chainsaw and the concrete hand saw.

Concrete Chainsaw
A concrete chainsaw is generally used to make plunge cuts for creating joints, cut out windows and doorways, and cut through floor slabs and walls. They are designed to be used as a typical wood-cutting chainsaw; however, they use specifically-designed chains for cutting through concrete.

Concrete Hand Saws
A concrete hand saw is sometimes called a cut-off saw. This go-to tool is available in gas, hydraulic, electric, and air-powered models.  

While the type of hand saw is important, so too is the type of concrete saw blade used for the job.

How do you pick a company for a hand sawing job?
Hand sawing requires great skill. Only experienced, highly-trained technicians can create smooth, straight, and precise openings.
  Using a highly-skilled concrete cutter is especially important if you need to make intricate door openings or unique window shapes in concrete. A precise cut will have minimal impact on the surrounding wall.  
If you need to cut through concrete for your construction or renovation project in Kansas City, contact the experienced crew at KC Coring & Cutting.  

KC Coring and Cutting has been serving the Kansas City community for decades. They use hand saws in tight spots and small areas that would be inaccessible for the larger gas-powered saws. But if the team determines that a hand-saw isn’t the best choice for the job, we have access to a wide range of concrete-cutting equipment – including Concrete Wall Sawing, Concrete Wire Sawing, Concrete Curb Sawing, Concrete Grinding & Polishing, and Concrete Shot Blasting.   While a small hand-held saw allows for portability and speed, the staff is highly trained to use this piece of equipment safely. In fact, safety is the number one priority at KC Coring and Cutting.
  Contact us today for all your concrete cutting needs in Kansas City.

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