Why Concrete Coring & Cutting Requires Precision

Concrete Cutting

A lot can go wrong in the concrete coring and cutting industry. That’s why working with a company with a lot of experience and an excellent safety record is crucial.   Here are a few problems that can occur when cutting into concrete.

Problems That Can Occur When Cutting Through Concrete

If you were wondering why safety and precision are significant considerations in the concrete-cutting industry, here are some daily risks operators face.

Obstructions in the Concrete

Unless safety precautions are used, there is a chance that a concrete cutter will encounter surprise obstructions in the concrete, such as rebar, steel mesh, or conduit. Additionally, those working with concrete are sometimes exposed to hidden electric cables, water pipes, or gas pipes. Such obstructions can lead to sudden movements of the equipment that may be difficult to control.   A person who has worked in the concrete cutting industry for long knows the importance of following safety protocol when making such cuts. Likewise, such operators also understand the importance of making precise cuts.

Problems With the Equipment

A concrete-cutting company must maintain its equipment meticulously. Blunt cutting edges can lead to a delay in the cutting process (at minimum). Sometimes additional force is needed in such situations, which can increase the possibility of dangerous push-backs, kick-backs, or pull-ins. Therefore, maintaining equipment is an essential part of the concrete-cutting business.

Hazards From Performing a Cut

Concrete cutting is often performed in less-than-ideal situations. At a minimum, concrete operators must contend with noise pollution and constant vibration. The operator may also be required to perform precise cuts from uneven or slippery surfaces.    Concrete cutters also have a high risk of exposure to harmful substances and fumes. They also put themselves in danger of being near collapsing walls. Additionally, precision is required to reduce the chance of unexpected blade movement, electrocution, and dangerous slip and falls.  At times the material being cut moves from its place and causes injuries. Additionally, cutting and coring can produce hazardous dust and expose workers to toxic fumes. 

KC Coring and Cutting Has an Excellent Safety Record

Even though KC Coring and Cutting works in a dangerous industry, the company is known for precise cutting jobs. We are known for our precision because our operators are the best in the industry. But another reason for this is that accuracy is required because our safety depends on it.   One indication that we care about precision at KC Coring and Cutting is our EMR rating. EMR is an insurance industry acronym that stands for experience modification rate. The insurance company uses our EMR to determine how much to charge us for workers’ compensation premiums.    It’s worth noting that KC Coring and Cutting has an excellent EMR rating, which indicates that we care about workplace safety and precision.   Contact KC Coring and Cutting today to learn more about our excellent EMR rating and precise operators. Please fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at 816-523-2015.

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