Why Concrete Cutting Leaves No Room for Mistakes

Isn’t it amazing how you can find a video online to teach you how to do almost anything? You may have used one to fix your dryer, teach your child long division (the new way), or fix the radio in your car.

  While we admire the do-it-yourself spirit that is often associated with these YouTube videos, we have heard many stories of things that have gone wrong when amateurs attempt to do what we do.

  Unfortunately, concrete cutting leaves no room for mistakes. There’s a lot that could go wrong when it is attempted by amateurs. Here are some things to think about before trying to do a concrete cutting job on your own.

  You need the right equipment.
Concrete cutting equipment is expensive. Even if you do have access to high-end saws, you may not have the appropriate scanning equipment to use before you start cutting.

  Our crews use technology that enables them to check for possible obstructions in the concrete before we take the saws off our trucks. We don’t want to encounter any surprises when we cut through concrete, so we take the extra precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  Electrical Conduits
It is common practice to place electrical conduit lines in (or under) concrete slabs during the construction process. If a saw makes contact with an electrical line, the operator of the saw may face electrocution.   The contact of the saw with the electrical line could also spark a fire or cause a loss of power in the surrounding area.

Concrete cutting saws are powerful enough to go through almost any material. The concrete slab you are cutting through may be placed just over the top of plumbing lines. Cutting through those lines may cause a significant leak that would (at minimum) affect the water supply to the property.

  Fire Sprinkler Lines
Safety needs to be your top priority when working in residential and commercial properties. Some multi-story buildings have fire sprinkler lines above or below the concrete slabs in the floor or ceiling. Cutting these lines can bring a disastrous result.

  Structural Integrity
Even if you manage not to cut through any electrical conduits, plumbing lines, or fire sprinkler lines, do you really understand enough to know that you aren’t harming the building’s structural integrity when you start cutting? Some of these saws cause a lot of vibrations to adjacent surfaces. These vibrations, especially to older buildings, may cause collapses.

  We aren’t trying to scare you, but we want to inform you that not all renovation projects can be performed by amateurs. Just because you CAN rent the necessary equipment for a project, that doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  

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