Why Core Drilling Should Be Done By a Professional

Core Drill
We are sorry to break it to you, but there are some things in the world you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own. You shouldn’t do your own dental work. And even though you think that you were successful in cutting your own hair, people are making fun of you behind your back.  You definitely should not act as your own divorce attorney, and when it comes to drilling through concrete, it would be best if you left that to the pros, too.  
Even though you may be an ardent do-it-yourselfer or in charge of a construction project that is going over budget, you will probably regret taking on the job of core drilling on your own.

  Here are the reasons you should leave core drilling and concrete cutting to KC Coring and Cutting.  

KC Coring and Cutting has the right tools for the job.

One of the most critical tools in our arsenal is our ground-penetrating radar. By using this expensive equipment, we can see what we will be cutting through before our saws even come off our truck. This keeps expensive and dangerous accidents from happening, and of course, will help keep your project on budget and on time.

  KC Coring and Cutting will keep the job on budget and on time.

We know that drilling the right-sized holes in precise locations in integral in keeping a construction project on time and on budget. After all, if the concrete coring is not done correctly on a project, this may delay HVAC, plumbing, and electrical professionals from doing their jobs.  
And what happens when someone cores a hole too big or not in the right place? Those mistakes can be costly. Hire a professional, like those working at KC Coring and Cutting, to do the job right the first time.  

KC Coring and Cutting can make precise cuts.

Our job is much more precise than many people would think. The technicians at KC Coring and Cutting can make fine, accurate cuts, even in hard-to-get-to locations. We aren’t always blasting through concrete or cinder blocks. Some of our coring jobs are one-quarter inch in diameter. Our circular wire saws can be used to drill holes in any size or depth. We can drill underwater, inside or outside.

  KC Coring and Cutting will keep everyone on the job site safe.

We are proud of our safety rating! Safety is KC Coring and Cutting’s number one priority. Our crew is highly trained to follow safety protocols while on the job. We do everything we can to keep every team safe while on the job site.  

Don’t depend on an amateur to do core drilling on your project. Call KC Coring and Cutting, and we promise to get the job done right the first time.

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