Why does my home or business need concrete core drilling?

Even though do-it-yourselfers have been around for decades, it seems as if many home and business owners are attempting more complex renovations or repairs. They are often armed with the advice of a big box DIY store employee and a YouTube video.

While we understand how thrilling it can be to complete a repair or renovation on your own, we would like to remind you that some jobs require the skill, expertise, and equipment of a professional to complete. Concrete core drilling is one of those jobs.

Don’t worry! Hiring us to complete part of your project will not break your budget.KC Coring and Cutting offers affordable, competitive pricing. Once we have completed our part of the project, you can continue watching videos and finish the job. We promise not to tell anyone that we helped.

Why would you need the help of KC Coring and Cutting crews for your KC home or business renovation or repair project? Here are some of the ways we assist our customers.

Adding Plumbing/Floor Drains
Are you adding a bathroom to your finished basement? Our crews can assist you with drilling the holes necessary for water and sewer lines.

Sump Pump Installation
Are you tired of getting water in your basement and ready to install a sump pump? KC Coring and Cutting can drill the necessary holes to install the pump and the discharge pipe.

Ductwork Installation
KC Coring and Cutting can assist you with the cuts you might need to install or replace ductwork in your home or business. We have a lot of experience working with KC area HVAC companies.

Adding Electrical or Communication Lines
KC Coring and Cutting assists in new construction projects, but we also can help home and business owners who are making additions or renovations to their structures. Sometimes this requires adding additional electrical or communication lines.

Handrail or Anchor Installation
Do you need assistance with a structural installation, such as the addition of a secure handrail or anchor? KC Coring and Cutting can help with the job.

Sprinkler Installation
Some sprinkler installations require drilling through concrete. Concrete core drilling is a highly effective way to create the openings necessary for the project.

And more!
KC Coring and Cutting has been in business for over 40 years. We have completed countless jobs that don’t fall into the previous categories throughout our four decades serving customers.  

Our crews are highly trained and OSHA certified. KC Coring and Cutting can drill holes to any depth that are a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. We can drill holes inside or outside, above or below ground. We can even cut or drill concrete under water. We use the best equipment for the job that is well-maintained. Don’t try to complete this dangerous work using rental equipment from a company that doesn’t take care of its tools. Call our schedulers at 816-523-2015, and we will give you a precise estimate for the job.

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