Why Hire a Professional Concrete Cutting Company

Wall Sawing

  Many Americans have used the extra time spent at home over the last year to start renovation projects. You, too, may have caught that remodel bug and have been scouring DIY websites and YouTube videos for instructions on how to update your bathroom tile or install a new kitchen sink.

  Sometimes these small projects may lead to massive renovations. It’s the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” phenomenon.

  After all, if you are going through the trouble of finishing your basement, you might as well add a bathroom to the space while you are at it. A project similar to this may have led you to our website.

  You may have realized in the course of your renovation that you need to install an egress window or make cuts in your concrete floor to install plumbing fixtures. Maybe you watched videos of people performing these tasks and are toying with the idea of renting equipment and completing the concrete cutting part of the project yourself.

  Before you start searching for companies that will rent concrete saws, can we give you a friendly piece of advice? Before you do anything on your own, please give KC Coring and Cutting a call.  

Over the years, KC Coring and Cutting has helped thousands of Kansas City homeowners with home remodeling projects that have expanded in scope and size. We would be happy to look at your project and give you a free estimate for safely completing the project.

  Please take special notice of the adverb in the previous sentence.


  You could probably find a company that would rent you the equipment you need to complete your project but should you? We don’t think it’s a good idea. We aren’t just saying that because we make a living by cutting concrete. We are advising you to let us do the work because concrete cutting can be dangerous.  

Here are questions to ask yourself before attempting to do the project yourself:
  1. Do I know how to use this piece of dangerous equipment?

Obviously, saws that cut through concrete are extremely powerful. Are you willing to risk your appendages by performing intricate cuts with equipment that you have never used before now?
  Plus, if you are able to find a company that will rent you the necessary equipment, how do you know that it is well maintained and functioning correctly?
  1. Do I know what I am cutting through?

There could be all sorts of things lurking in the concrete slab that you need to cut. You may encounter conduit, rebar, or pipes. Cutting through some of these materials may cause you to have a terrible day.

  1. Could this cut possibly damage the integrity of the structure?

Do you have extensive experience in construction or demolition? Uh, yeah. Maybe you should leave this job to the professionals.  
Even if you decide to hire a different company to complete your concrete cutting job, we implore you to hire a professional. Some projects can be completed by amateurs who pick the brain of the old, cranky guy working at the hardware store, but concrete cutting is not one of them.  

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