Why is Safety & EMR Rating a Big Deal in Concrete Coring and Cutting?

When you visit the websites of concrete-cutting companies, you will often see “safety” as a company’s top priority. Why is safety such a big deal for concrete-cutting companies? Let’s examine this question so you understand why choosing a company based on its reputation and EMR rating is a good strategy.

Working With Concrete is Dangerous
First, it’s crucial that you understand that working with concrete is dangerous. In fact, the Industrial Safety and Hygiene News website states that “cement mason” is the 17th most dangerous job in the U.S. A cement mason uses hand and power tools to align concrete forms and ensure that concrete is smooth and long-lasting.   But in reality, all jobs on construction sites are dangerous – including workers who cut and remove concrete. While the leading cause of injury and death for construction workers comes from falls, there’s also a risk of electrocution, struck-by accidents, caught-in or between accidents, and exposure to hazardous materials. Concrete cutters also can be injured using dangerous equipment.

Why Safety Is a Big Deal
It should go without saying, but safety on a work site is a big deal. Accidents in this industry can lead to loss of life or severe injury. You don’t want to work with a company unless the leadership prioritizes safety.   To a lesser extent, there are fiscal ramifications to workplace accidents. Accidents on work sites cause delays, affecting every crew on location.

KC Coring and Cutting Has an Excellent Safety Record
KC Coring and Cutting has an impressive safety record. Our crews adhere to the highest safety standards to keep everyone safe while on the job.   In addition, KC Coring and Cutting has a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services. These team members offer training and seminars to ensure workers understand and practice workplace safety. This is for the benefit of our employees, our clients, and other crews on location. KC Coring and Cutting crews meet all the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Our employees have TWIC and CPR certifications and advanced operator training for all our equipment.   In addition, you can rest easy knowing that KC Coring and Cutting is a certified Federal Drug-Free Workplace.

KC Coring and Cutting and EMR Ratings
Experience modification rate (EMR) is used in the insurance industry. Companies that sell workers’ compensation insurance use EMR to figure out how much to charge each company for insurance premiums.   A company’s EMR is based on the number and cost of past claims. An average EMR rating is 1.0. However, if a company has no accidents, that number will be less than 1.0. KC Coring and Cutting’s EMR rating is 0.78. This means that our crew and leadership understand workplace safety’s importance and follow the most rigorous safety practices.   Do you have a specific question regarding our practices? Contact a member of our leadership team today. We are happy to answer your questions about keeping the job site safe.

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