Why KC Coring and Cutting is a 24-Hour Service

BROKK Demollition You won’t find business hours on our website. There’s a reason for this. While some businesses have the luxury of setting rigid hours of service, the staff of KC Coring and Cutting is ready to go out on projects all hours of the day and night.

  Here are the reasons that KC Coring and Cutting is a 24-hour service.

  We Are an Essential Business as a Concrete Cutting Company
To put it in today’s terminology, KC Coring and Cutting is an “essential business.” We not only provide services to essential businesses, but we also help during emergencies.   Our team takes these responsibilities seriously, and we make sure we perform our tasks safely. We have a full-time Safety Director and Director of Risk Control Services. We also take all the necessary precautions to keep our customers, other crews, and employees safe from the coronavirus.


We Assist in Emergencies
There are many emergency scenarios that KC Coring and Cutting can help solve. We won’t even attempt to provide a detailed list of the situations we have helped resolve, but here are a few times when concrete cutters are called out “after hours.”

  Plumbing Emergencies
Plumbing failures are rarely easy fixes, especially when buried pipelines break. When those lines are beneath a parking lot or sidewalk, KC Coring and Cutting is often called in to help.  

Collapsed Walls
Sections of walls may collapse without warning, sometimes due to a weather event or other times as a result of age. This can lead to a dangerous situation, and our crews are often called out to stop further deterioration and make sure the area is safe.  

Deteriorating Parking Lots and Sidewalks
Business owners are responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their properties. Our concrete repair service is called in to access deteriorating parking lots and sidewalks. Once the reason for the problem is determined, our team can make the property safe for customers and employees again.

  Job Site Emergencies
Construction and demolition sites can be unpredictable. Even when care is taken, accidents still occur. Our team has been called into emergencies on job sites to reduce the likelihood of injuries and prevent the project from falling behind schedule.

We Make Sure Work Gets Completed On Time
We have worked in the construction and demolition industry for over 40 years, so we understand the importance of staying on schedule. If you need work done within a specified time, contact KC Coring and Cutting. We will do what is necessary to keep your project on track.

  Even though we work with speed and efficiency, safety is always our number one priority. KC Coring and Cutting meet all the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. We also have a health professional on staff and is a certified Federal Drug-Free Workplace and an A+ Insurance Carrier.

  If you find yourself needing emergency concrete repair in Kansas City, call KC Coring and Cutting. We work by our motto: “On the mark. On the money. On time.”

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