Why Safety is Our #1 Priority

Wall sawing job  

While a lot of companies say that safety is a priority, KC Coring and Cutting means it. We care about our dedicated team members, other on-site crews, and (of course) our customers. Even though we deliver quality, precise work, we never do it at the expense of workplace safety. Do you need proof that KC Coring and Cutting takes safety seriously? Here are some facts about our company that will reassure you that you are hiring the right team for your job.  
  1. KC Coring and Cutting has a low EMR rating.
Unless you work in the insurance industry, you may have never heard of an EMR rating. Let us explain.   EMR stands for experience modification rate. This number is used by insurance companies to gauge both the past cost of injuries and the future chances of risk. Companies with low EMR ratings are given lower worker compensation insurance premiums because the insurance companies do not expect to have to pay for expensive claims.   We are proud to say that we have one of the lowest EMR rates in our industry. Even though we sometimes work in dangerous conditions and with powerful equipment, we do so safely.  
  1. We take the necessary time to train our crew.
While some companies may cut corners when training their workers, KC Coring and Cutting takes whatever time is necessary to ensure our crew members have advanced training on our equipment.   Our safety rating is important to us. When we send an employee to complete a job, you can rest assured that he has been properly trained on our well-maintained equipment.  
  1. We exceed workplace safety standards.
KC Coring and Cutting meets all the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. We also have TWIC and CPR certifications and a health professional on staff. We are also proud to be a certified Federal Drug-Free Workplace and an A+ Insurance Carrier.  
  1. We have staff members whose entire job focuses on safety.
We have both a full-time Safety Director and a Director of Risk Control Services on staff. This experienced team makes sure every crew member is up-to-date on safety training. They make sure that the work can be completed without harm to anyone present on the job site.  
  1. Our crew has years of experience.
Even though our crew has gone above and beyond when it comes to workplace and equipment safety training, our vast experience with concrete cutting helps maintain our excellent safety rating. Our leadership team has years of experience in commercial, residential, and industrial concrete cutting and coring. Yes, safety training is essential, but experience in the industry means everything.   As you can see, the leadership team at KC Coring and Cutting truly does make safety its number one priority for both large and small jobs. In fact, the president of the company, Joe Freed, recently said that out of everything he has achieved in the span of his lengthy career, he is most proud of the company‚Äôs safety rating. Give KC Coring and Cutting a call at 816-523-2015 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment.

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