Why Should I Consider Concrete Grinding & Polishing for My Concrete Slab?

Anyone who has seen how beautiful polished concrete can be understands why it’s a good idea. However, having beautiful floors isn’t the only reason why you should consider concrete grinding and polishing for your concrete slab. Here are some of the benefits of grinding and polishing concrete.

Polished concrete floors save time. 
Tile and vinyl require maintenance and replacement – especially in high-traffic areas. However, polished concrete only needs regular sweeping and mopping to stay beautiful. Grinding and polishing your concrete floor will result in a beautiful, easy-to-maintain surface that doesn’t require constant maintenance and frequent replacement.

Polished concrete lasts a long time.
Polished concrete is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Extra pressure is used during the grinding and polishing process, which means the concrete floors are exceptionally compact. And – concrete doesn’t chip or stain easily.

Concrete floors are cost-effective.
Yes, there is some expense associated with grinding and polishing concrete floors. However, because these floors require little maintenance (and have a longer lifespan), they are significantly cost-effective. Additionally, no harmful chemicals are required to clean or maintain the floors, making them a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option. Also, you might be pleased to know that concrete floors do not contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds found on other flooring types.

Concrete floors are sanitary and chemical resistant.
Sealed concrete is resistant to fluids and contaminants. Coatings are also available that provide anti-microbial protection. Also, a chemical-resistant epoxy coating can protect the surface against harsh chemicals that might be in use at your workplace.

  Concrete floors can be made slip-resistant.
Some people might be hesitant to look into concrete polishing because they are worried that the shiny surface might be too slippery. However, a non-slip epoxy coating can add texture to the surface to prevent slips and falls.

Concrete floors are attractive.
We know we started this discussion by describing how beautiful concrete floors can be. Maybe that’s the only reason you are interested in having polished concrete floors. Well – that’s a good enough reason. There are many color and texture options for polished concrete. You can also add decorative engraving or stenciled graphics onto the surface. Polished concrete floors are an excellent choice for those who wish to have a professional-looking workplace. They are a great choice for commercial and residential locations. Perhaps you are considering them for a warehouse, showroom, office, or your garage at home.

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