Why you may need our residential services

wall sawing We know that some of you would rather cut off your own arm than hire a company to do a job that you can manage on your own. If this describes you, you probably change your own oil, tile your own floors, and fix your own appliances. You would probably even attempt to perform your own surgeries if you could get access to the right tools.
While we respect this DIY philosophy, you must admit that sometimes hiring a professional to complete a project makes sense. Many of our clients are do-it-yourselfers who begrudgingly understand that they need us. Here are the reasons why you may need to hire KC Coring and Cutting for your residential project.

1. The project is not safe to perform on your own. Even the most ardent do-it-yourselfer must realize when he or she doesn’t have the expertise to perform a task safely. This is especially true when dealing with concrete foundations. Unless you work in the construction industry, you probably don’t have the appropriate knowledge to alter your home’s foundation. KC Coring and Cutting has over 40 years of experience. We also take safety seriously and will thoroughly analyze the job before we take the equipment out of our truck.

2. You don’t have the appropriate tools. Even if you do know your way around a construction site, you may not have access to the tools required to complete the job safely. Why not hire our expert technicians to perform the work instead of spending money to rent the appropriate tools? They will bring our well-maintained, high-quality instruments to complete the job quickly and safely. KC Coring and Cutting has every tool necessary to complete core drilling, slab sawing, wall sawing, or curb sawing. We also can use ground-penetrating radar to know what we will encounter as we cut through existing concrete. Unless you have diamond saw blades, hammer drills, or masonry drill bits in your garage or tool shed, you may need to reach out to us since we have the appropriate equipment.

3. You don’t have the skill to complete the job well. We know that some of you may have a difficult time admitting that you don’t have the necessary skill to complete a job, but you can’t be good at everything. KC Coring and Cutting has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our technicians are highly skilled and can make exact and intricate cuts. Our precision does not lessen when we are required to work in tight spaces or make cuts at odd angles.

It is also important to realize that even if you had the equipment to complete the project on your own, it takes skill to leave the project looking clean and professional. So if you want the project to look professionally done, you may need to hire an expert. KC Cutting and Coring has worked on some of the largest construction projects in Kansas City, but we are happy to help you with your residential project as well. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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