Why You Need a Concrete Core Drilling Professional to Complete Your Bathroom Remodel


We love people with a can-do attitude, and we applaud those of you who are ready to complete your own bathroom remodel. Armed with YouTube videos and borrowed tools, you might be prepared to undertake a lot of the remodel yourself. However, if you are moving or adding drains, we encourage you to seek professional assistance.   KC Coring and Cutting is ready to assist you with your Kansas City bathroom remodel. We do concrete cutting, concrete sawing, and concrete grinding in Kansas City. We also have the tools and expertise to do concrete coring – which you might need to complete your project.

Why You Might Need to Core a Hole Through Concrete
Concrete core drilling creates necessary openings for plumbing, HVAC materials, sprinklers, or electrical systems. The KC Coring & Cutting team uses reliable, productive concrete coring equipment to safely drill holes to any depth that are a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter. We can even handle complex or out-of-the-ordinary jobs, as our circular wire saw can also be used to drill holes of any size or depth. We can even drill holes underwater!   As you consider your bathroom remodel or addition, you might realize that your concrete will need to be altered for the project. Whether you need to make way for plumbing, wiring, or your HVAC system, you might briefly consider whether this is a job you can complete on your own.

Why You Should Hire KC Coring and Cutting for the Job
Before you search online for equipment rental for the project, please consider hiring the highly affordable and professional KC Coring and Cutting for the job. Here are the reasons you should depend on us for the job.

You probably don’t have the right equipment.
We know many of you love any excuse you can get to buy a new tool or piece of equipment. However, why buy an expensive, cumbersome tool for a one-and-done project? Keep in mind as you consider the cost of the tool, you also need to add in the price of the blade.

You may not trust your skills.
We are trying to sound as diplomatic as possible, but if you rent or borrow the equipment, do you have the necessary skill to use it? Concrete coring is serious business and should be left to those who have practiced these skills.

A professional will complete the job and clean up the mess.
You might be tempted to use the available tools to create an opening through the concrete. However, have you considered the mess this might cause? KC Coring and Cutting uses the newest tools to help contain the mess. We also leave our job sites free of debris.

You are concerned about your safety.
As you eye the concrete that you wish to alter, do you have any idea what may be found within? Professional concrete cutting companies have a lot of construction experience. We also have equipment that allows us to determine if we are making safe cuts. Call KC Coring and Cutting for Help With Your Bathroom Remodel If you need a job done right the first time, hire KC Coring and Cutting for the job. No job is too small (or too large) for us! Call 816-523-2015.  

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