Why Your Landscaping Project Needs Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

It’s time to get started on your spring landscaping projects. Whether you are tearing out your old concrete patio and replacing it with a new outdoor living space or simply planting an apple tree, you must understand what lies below the surface before you begin demolishing or digging. KC Coring and Cutting can help.

  Call KC Coring and Cutting Ground. Our staff will use ground-penetrating radar to safely and accurately locate items below the surface before demolishing existing concrete or digging for a new project. Our equipment will plot the exact location of anything under the surface of both concrete and soil. This process is vital for industrial projects, but it is also helpful for environmental or development surveying, construction, and landscaping.

  How does GPR work?
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) works by sending a series of energy pulses into the ground within a plot or area. The location of items below the surface is measured by the time it takes for a signal to hit an object and return to the radar. As a result, you will receive an accurate map of things below the surface which can help you carefully remove these items if needed.

  What kind of objects and materials will GPR locate?
The radar signals can find a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastic, PVC, concrete, or natural materials. The possible applications of GPR are endless, as the technology will inform you of
  • Utility lines and pipes
  • Geological obstructions
  • Air pockets or voids
  • Excavated and back-filled areas
  • Groundwater tables
  • Bedrock

Please understand that even though some GPR technology can penetrate up to 100 feet below ground, the actual depth is determined by the type of soil, rock, or material being surveyed. For example, the maximum penetration depth in concrete is usually about two feet. Clay soil has a maximum penetration depth of about three feet.  

What are the benefits of using GPR?
Using GPR for your landscaping project will help you avoid potential problems. This will help you save money during the construction as well as prevent future issues that may occur after time passes.

  Why KC Coring and Cutting?
Other companies indeed offer GPR in the Kansas City area. So why should you reach out to KC Coring and Cutting?   First, KC Coring and Cutting has a stellar reputation in the KC area. We have been around for decades and are well known in the construction, renovation, and demolition industries. However, it is worth noting that we also serve KC homeowners who are adding a basement bathroom or demolishing a backyard patio.

  One of the reasons we are so highly rated is our top-tier customer service. We offer clear, precise bids and will perform the service on time and on budget.   And, of course, safety is the highest priority with KC Coring and Cutting. So you’ll feel confident that your landscaping project will go off without a hitch.  

Contact KC Coring and Cutting to schedule GPR service BEFORE you begin your spring landscaping project.  

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